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Triumph TR6 - used interior

Has anybody in Ontario replaced a tan interior but kept pieces that were still decent? I need to make some improvements to the interior of my 76 Tr6 without it turning into an expensive domino bumper to bumper restoration.
Thanks, dave
David B


I have one tan door panel RHS door. Don't know if of any use to you.
I have a picture if you want to see.
If you are near Georgetown ON you can come look at it.

e-mail me at

drop the "AT" and "DOT" before emailing (keeps the web bots and spam down)
Michael S. Petryschuk

Thanks Micheal, but i will not need a door panel. In particular the drivers seat back has a rip, the seat foams for the seat backs are shot, and the carpeting is pretty bad. I am doing a clutch replacement and did not realize how bad the interior was until i started removing parts. Started adding up the potential cost for a complete interior and decided to try to avoid one thing leading to another and so on...... I kinda like the patina of an origional car vs totally restored and trying to maintain that quality. Your offer is very much appreciated.
Dave B.
David B

This thread was discussed between 04/12/2006 and 05/12/2006

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