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Triumph TR6 - used parts

Does any know of a good dependable used parts supply. I'm in desperate need of an older Tr6 69 - 72 ammeter. The rebuilt ones are prohibitively expensive even when you can find them and new ones are non-existant. Leaving only junk yards. I know there are some specialty yards out there but I don't know where they are.

How about a volt meter . I actually prefer that gauge.
Don K.

Someone in this BBS knows of a person or Co. who rebuilds gauges. It is probably in the archive.
Don K.

Joel--ebaY lists gauges all the time.
Rick Orthen

Gauge rebuilder:
Rick Orthen

Hi Guys; Thanks for the info. The problem is that a PO installed some gauges off a later model into my 72. I'm trying to get back to original. Actually Don, I would rather have a voltmeter. My mechanic even has the voltage stabilizer with my name on it. Have been unable to find anything for the 72 though.
Joel They have a ton of used parts.

Adam Wilhite

This thread was discussed between 22/08/2002 and 26/08/2002

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