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Triumph TR6 - Used Parts Available

I'm collecting quite a bit of used parts as I replace stuff. In many (most) cases the parts are completely serviceable or may need some simple adjustment or repair. I have no interest in marketing these to the world, but would rather see them used by a fellow TR6 owner than go to the scrap iron yard. Among these are the brake rotors (replaced with slotted/drilled), the flywheel (replaced with lighter alloy), rocker arm, cam shaft, lifters, timing gears and chain(s), clutch and pressure plate, etc. etc. Anyone have any interest? You can have it (any or all) for cost of shipping.
Doug Baker

Doug,I would be interested in a set of rocker arms and shaft if still available. #1 rockers are getting wobbly. Home e-mail is,thanks ed
ED Edward Dorsch

You have mail.
Doug Baker

This thread was discussed between 12/04/2012 and 14/04/2012

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