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Triumph TR6 - Vaccum advance question

I read in an append somewhere that the vaccum advance isn't really needed and that you could plug the hose and run the car w/o it. Has anyone had any expierence doing this. Would there be any disadvantages, harm, etc? Thanks for any responses.

Sorry forgot to ask 1 other question. Its a 73 TR6. Do I need Stromberg mixture tool to adjust the mixture? I have the Zenith Stronberg 175 carbs. I'm pretty sure I am running rich. The exhaust seems to smell pretty strong. Thanks again.

Yes - you need the tool to adjust the mixture. It's just an allen wrench, but there is also a fixture that secures the piston. That's there to secure the piston so it doesn't rotate which could fool you into thinking an adjustment had been made and possibly tear the diaphragm.

As you read more about the car you'll find the vacuum module is to retard the timing, not advance it. It can be by-passed. That shouldn't cause problems with a "stock" engine. I never liked the way the engine acted that way, however.

Brent B

Could you elaborate on what you mean by "I never liked the way the engine acted that way, however". Thanks

I did not like the acceleration. I tinkered with it a bunch, but the idle usually ended up too high. It didn't seem like I could get the right timing. Probably subjective on my part - you mileage may vary.

Brent B

I disconnected mine and locked the plate in the distributor a while ago, agree with Brent the car runs and ticks over a lot better without it.
R. Algie

This thread is real interesting and I would like some advice. I have a 1974 TR6 with SU's and crane fireball electronic ignition and I having a lot of "fun" setting up the timing. It helped alot to understand that the vac actually retards the spark. The problem is as described by Brent; kind of a very uninspiring acceleration that I seem to think is timing related. I am curious to hear more about no vac. I tried that but it did not seem to work. What setting do you use for timing with no vac.?

Ken Bittle


When you indicate that you locked the plate, did you also lock out the mechanical advance underneath? If so, what are you using as your timing setting?

No I only locked the plate for the vacuum advance/retard, you really need to do this or the timing can wander.
I set my timing by the good old fashioned method, keep advancing it till the engine pinks [knocks?] under load and then retard it slightly.
I dont think any of the timing settings in manuals are relevant nowadays as the composition of petrol is different from what it was back then.
R. Algie

How did you lock the vaccum retard plate??

This thread was discussed between 10/06/2004 and 13/06/2004

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