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Triumph TR6 - Valencia Blue

Hi all,

I should probably be asking this question on the TR4 section but there seems to more activity on TR6.

Anyhow, I am almost at the stage where my TR4 is to be painted and was not interested in the original white but was thinking more along signal red. However after seeing that Valencia Blue from the "Original" series books, it looks like a real smashing color.

Does anyone have a car whether a 4,5,250 or 6 with this color and can I see? Sure looks good to me.

Many Thanks, Dino

I know a guy at British Auto Specialists in Fort Worth TX that has a very nice TR250 in Valencia Blue with black interior, wire wheels and hard top. I do agree, Valencia Blue is an excellent color on the TR4/4A/4/250 cars. I don't recall the TR6 being available in the color, if they were it was only the earliest ones.

Go to there might be a picture on the web site of the car. If nothing else, use the contact information to e-mail them to see if there is a picture available.

It appears that CODE 66, Valencia Blue (68-72) was not offered on the TR6 model.
The PPG mix code is 13547.
Here are the cars it was available on:
Valencia Blue ICI code:6898, BL code:66
TR5 1967/8
Spitfire Mk III 1967/8, 69/70
GT-6 1967/8, 68/9, 69/70
quote: "The above tables were provided by Bob Coe of Nexa AutoColour (Formerly ICI AutoColour of Canada), as supplied by ICI in Great Britain. They are the original colours used by British Leyland on the Triumph line of sports cars. "

Hope this helps Dino
Rick C

Rick Crawford

Would make for a lot better nickname, though. Silver might be an OK nickname too. HIYO....if it's a guy.

Valencia is more Michelotti (sp?) and VERY feminine.


Check out for a Valencia Blue TR250.

Also, had one or two Valencia Blue TR250's for sale with pics.
A.R. Evans

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