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Triumph TR6 - value of tr6

I am looking at a 74 tr6 to buy, it needs restored motor runs 3 fenders look good 1 has some rust holes, probably could be patched. The frame looks in reasonable shape but I can see some patching has been done and the floor boards are rusty small holes. They are asking $1500 for this one. Is that a reasonable price?

You are buying a car needs body work and motor work. If you have to farm out the jobs, it will get expensive quickly. When you can see rust, there will be a lot more you can't see.
I was told one should always get the best body you can afford, then improve the mechanical later.
good luck whatever you decide
Paddy Kan

From your short description, it sounds like a fair deal. Do you know the seller?

Fly to Arizona or Socal to buy a rust free car. Well worth the price of a cheap airline ticket. You will be a lot happier if you do this. If its an indiana car, rust will be hidden everywhere. The tr-6 has a thin guage frame and you will be replacing that and much of the hidden sheet metal if you get a northern car that was driven on salted roads. I used to live in Indiana and know what can happen. I restored a Indiana car once and have another car from the southwest, no camparison between the two.

Jason, I bought a car much like you are describing, but with rust in all the fenders; this was 15 years ago, for $750 Cdn.
I decided to get it on the road as cheaply as reasonably possible and then decide whether to restore it properly. I spent altogether about $3500 on used fibreglass fenders, welding repairs, new shocks and brake parts, new exhaust and home paint job. I drove it that way for a couple of years and had some fun, but realised a complete restoration was not financially viable as the cost would far exceed the value of the finished car, so I sold it for $2500 and went looking for a TR4 with wire wheels, which was what I had decided by then I really wanted.

In conclusion, I did not feel I made a mistake or wasted my money, I enjoyed the car, but I think it depends on what you are looking for. In my case I wasn't sure at the beginning, but I learned a lot about Triumphs and my own preferences from owning that car and talking to other owners when I joined the local club.
Good Luck!
Simon Rasmussen

Are you able to bring the car to a body shop and mechanic to get a rough estimate ? This way you would know what your getting into.

This stuff can get expensive.

Good luck !


My '74 that I bought in the spring which had been sitting for quite sometime has required a fair bit of money and the body and motor are in good shape...
$240 - new top
$280 - to get it installed (4 hours @ $70/hour)
$290 - Brake shoes, brake cylinder, hoses,
$500 - New tires
$100 - $200 - out of province inspection....
Needs a paint job ($?), resurface some of the chrome bumpers ($?). This is without engine rebuilds or body work (this one doesn't require much of either - only 23,000 miles). The expenses start to add up especially when you have to farm things out...
Ken H

You have to be sure the frame is safe and does not need major rust repairs.

Otherwise your into thousands of dollars unless you can do the work yourself.

John Parfitt
Bragg Creek, Alberta
73 5-Speed conversion.
For Sale.
John Parfitt

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