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Triumph TR6 - Valves knocking

Hope everyone is having a great summer with their triumphs !

I have a TR6-1976 late model not overdrive, my valves have started to knock and I was wondering if anyone has found a magic oil additive that will help resolve this.

My engine has 93,778 miles, I am third owner of the car and I was told the mileage is original.

Thank you all for your help,
Cheers, LT
L.T. Tawil

No oil "additive" is going to help...I would at a minimum take off the valve cover and adjust the clearances.
JT White

LT... I was taught to use 1 litre of Lucas Oil Additive with 4 litres of Castrol's 20-50 (plus 2 oz. of AC Delco EOS) but that's all for protection. I don't think it will make your valve train quiet.

Ken 76
Ken Shaddock

Yea LT, you didn't state if it's a lifter knock or just the valves.


Is it the valves knocking or is is knocking when you are accelerating?

If the noise has just started and is there when the engine is running then check your rocker arm rod (it tends to wear unevenly) and your valve clearances. Check the play in your valve guides.

Michael Petryschuk

I did lift the cover and adjust the clearance, it seems to have solved my problem. I will keep you recipe Ken for my next oil change.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, this is great to be able to communicate and exchange with Triumph enthusiasts like me.

Thanks again !!!!
L.T. Tawil

This thread was discussed between 02/08/2010 and 04/08/2010

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