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Triumph TR6 - Vertical Front Suspension link ID


I purchased a pair of NOS vertical front suspension links and was told they were from an early TR (2 or 3), but looking at diagram/photos on the internet they appear to have different bottom trunnion ends, possibly TR6? There are some numbers on one side that I can't read and on the other it's stamped BRIT PAT 645627.

Could someone please help me identify which TR its from?

Cheers - Karl

K W Seddon

Hi Karl

Doesn't appear to be from a TR6 or Spitfire. Other than that I can't say. Do you think you can post a picture of the whole shape- it is difficult to tell from what is shown.


Michael Petryschuk

Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply. I've posted another photo which I hope will help. (The brake braket/steering brakets are bespoke for 4 pot Wilwod calipers etc).

Cheers - Karl

K W Seddon


The vertical link itself could be a TR6 link but the caliper mounting bracket and steering link are not.

The TR6 caliper mount was molded in with a circular back plate that mounted to the vertical link with 4 mounting bolts. I see 4 bolt holes on yours but the bracket looks to be a separate piece from the circular mounting plate.

The TR6 steering link was more curved.

Both could be fabricated parts.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the link on its own. The closest I can come is attached.

Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 30/04/2011 and 01/05/2011

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