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Triumph TR6 - Vibration

I'm more than willing to dispense with all the retoric about how frustrating it is when something goes south on the six during the driving season in return for some down home advice from the more cerebral of the brethren out there....

My car shakes and vibrates like a son of a gun at any speed over 50 mph. Can't see out of the rear view mirror.

OK here is the usual - my suspension is perfect. My drive shaft was balanced by the previous owner. I did a 5 speed transmission conversion but the vibration did not appear imediately after that job. Go figure. Bloody vintage cars - just another challenge.

Oh, by the way, last night I rotated all the wheels and checked all suspension fasteners for tightness.

Thanks in advance,

John Parfitt

Have you checked all u-joints?
Do you have an "out of round" tyre?
Are the prop shaft u-joints synchronized / alligned properly?
At speed, if you push in the clutch, does she still vibrate?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Wire wheels or disc?

John - as Rick says, check the vibration with the drive-train disengaged (coasting, out of gear). You say at 'any' speed over 50 which points more to drivetrain as suspension wobbles often seem to self-correct at various speeds.
Roger H

Wheel bearings ?
Eric de Lange

Most likely you slid the drive shaftout of the sliding joint at the rear ujoint.

The two halves of the sliding joint were made by different guinness-besotted gentlemen and should never be separated once a matching pair and angle have been found.

I finally figured out what it was by setting my GT6 on blocks and crawling underneath to watch what happen while the car idled in gear. Mine was 180 degrees out and you could easily see the ujoint orbiting a phantom center-line.

Don Gardner

Looks like my vibration could be caused by wear in the axle u-joints.

The drive shaft is in phase - everything OK there.

John Parfitt

John, I had the shakes as well at 55-60 mph, then it sort of smoothed out afterward. I found that the original wheels are not necessarily round. I got a tire shop to rebalance them and put the worst in the boot and the best on the front. Next was solid rack mounts and a complete alignment. (poly bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints and tube shocks all ready installed). Smoother now but defiantly not silky!
Steve Crosby

This thread was discussed between 16/07/2004 and 22/07/2004

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