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Triumph TR6 - Virus alert!!

To all
I hate having to do stuff like this, but unfortunately there are some real dumies out there. I have been geting an unbeleivable amount of spam and "looks like" e-mail that has the virus (KLEZ) attached to it. I know I am in the Address Book of others on this BBS. You will not be aware u are sending it to people randemly in your address book....someone sent it to you and infected your PC. Might I suggest that u go to your choice of virus software supplier and download a fix/remover patch or update your virus.dat files. Sorry guys, I know this has nothing to do with TRs but I am sure some of you out there are also wondering where is this crap coming from. Most of us post our e-maill addresses as we, for what ever GOOD reason, want to contact another owner personally. Unfortunately this leaves us open to attack from the idiots who can easily come to this BBS and acquire some free e-mail addresses. As u can see, my e-mail address has changed again.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I think I got this suspicious e-mail this morning.


Point being "if you do not recognize the sender, DELETE IMMEDIATELY without opening at all". Another point is to "unlink" your e-mail address on this BBS.
When linked it is easy for them to let their computers do the surfing all night long looking for free VALID (linked) e-mail addresses.
Rick Crawford

I don't know if its related, but think I got hit last week. Got something with two attachments. One was a picture of the rear suspension of a TR6, the other was called align.exe. Curious and stupid (and in need of a rear end alignment--on the car), I opened it and as a result I later had to reset my email server settings, and my virus protection is still blown. I'm not sure it was related other than the timing, and the Align.exe never did anything. If this was indeed a virus, I was apparently targeted thru this BBS. Who else would have known to bait the hook with that particular picture?

I'm trying to believe its a coincidence, but this posting is making it harder to believe. So beware indeed.
Mark H

I do not recall in past posting (maybe a while back) u talking about rear end alignment. If u did then I would think ( and hope) the sender who is legit. on this BBS would say to you in a thread continuation, " I am sending to you ....etc." The bottom line still is your virus protection must be up to date and be checking incoming mail and attachments...for further not open anything u do not recognize....DELETE!! It sounds indeed that in your case someone needs to "get a life". I think I have been targeted also and maybe you have too Keith. I have gotten several in the last week....maybe there is a reason why I am getting more..if u catch my drift. Everyone I have e-mailed (including yourself) will recognize my e-mail coming in....there is that recognize word again. Mark what is the old saying...hook line AND sinker!!
PEOPLE..." so beware indeed"...3 of us (on this BBS)have been hit..are u next or has it already happened and u do not know it???
Rick C
P.S. One of the viruses I got 2 days ago was a file with a *.exe file that would take care of the virus. DO NOT OPEN...IT IS A VIRUS... Mr. Norton took care of it as it was coming in.
Rick Crawford

I just signed up for this forum and have got five infected emails in a week. Don't open anything unless you are sure of the sender. Don't ever open a *.exe file.
Mike Strong

Another reason to use a Mac...membership has its privilages!!

I deleted two this evening infected with the klez worm, and get those stupid scam letters from Nigeria all the time addressed to me personally now. This is the only forum my name is connected to my personal email address, so am sure it is the scource for the clowns who have nothing better to do.
Pete H
Pete Haburt

Mine too has been savagily(?) attacked and I am still trying to clean it up. Like Pete this is the only forum I read or belong. Maddening
Don K.

Chris Wiebe

Users with Outlook Express can block those nasty spamming children by using "Block Sender" under "Message". You can also format "Message Rules" under "Tools" to deal with this annoying invasion. SC

This is getting rediculious. Stephen please explain further as to the words for the block.
Rick Crawford

Try "" I think this was the file that carried the virus. My Norton found it right away and I killed the file. SC

This thread was discussed between 22/05/2002 and 03/06/2002

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