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Triumph TR6 - Voltmeter Wiring & Stuff

I know what some of you are saying... oh no, not this again. Bear with me please...

In the Dan Masters book the voltmeter for 76 should have a twin white on one side and a black to ground on the other side. Mine has a twin white on the one side but a twin green on the other and the meter does NOT work. The twin green could be there due to the DPO.

I took the meter out and cleaned it up assuming some corrosion... put it back with no improvement.

So, since I had power from the white I removed the twin green and ran a ground to that terminal and the voltmeter came to life! Yeah.

Question: By removing the twin green and leaving it unattached (and taped off) nothing else seemed affected. Am I forgetting something? I'm tempted to permanently run the ground to the v-meter as per the DM manual and leave the greens alone.


In the area of the radio I have a twin black with bullet connectors encased in a black rubber insulator just hanging there. Nothing connects to these wires. What are they for?

In the same area I have a twin Green & White with bullet connectors hanging down with a similar black insulator. Nothing connected here either. What are they for?

Also, there's a single black & green wire with a bullet connector hanging there. Nothing attached. What's it's job?

Can't find the answers in the Masters book.


PS Rick, don't worry... I won't fix something that ain't broke. It's raining so I thought I'd putter.
Ken Shaddock

You definitely did the correct thing in removing the greens. They DO NOT belong there.
Green wires are accessories fused via the ignition switch. Your V meter was being supplied with 12 V on both sides.
Run a black wire (from the oposite side of the whites) to a good ground. Reading on in your post send the black wire to the twin blacks. ( Black is ALWAYS ground). This type of bullet connector is common in TR wiring. It is as means of connecting several wires at once without trying to twist them together.

The only place I see a double LIGHT green and white comming together in a bullet connector is going to the EGR service lamp. You could be meaning light green and white. I can see the EGR service lamp and counter being disconnected.
Finally the Black/Green wire with bullet connector is connected between the ignition key and the left hand door switch.( the bullet connector is between these 2 things.

Ken do you have a wiring schematic for your '76 that is colour...meaning does it show the colour(s) of the wire? If not I have colour schematics which shows all the items you ask about. I can send the schematic to you.
This is good puttering Ken :

Rick Crawford

The double green should not be connected to the voltmeter. Green is for power to gauges and switches. The ground is thru the case in this case. I think.
The double black is a ground maybe for the radio.
The G/W is for the EGR service counter and light which I bet on your so called restored car is not hooked up.
That B/G comes from the Ign sw. to that dr. vers door for the seat belt module. Does yours work. I bet not.

The more I hear about your car the more I would be extremely upset with the so called restored title.

i thought you had Dans schematic for your year?

Don: I do have the Masters Cook Book and schematic but as mentioned in a previous thread, I can do household wiring (110 or 220) with complete understanding but this 12v stuff is like sorting spaghetti or playing pick-up sticks. The colors he refers to disappear into a harness and who knows after that. I think the DPO was guessing all the way and hence the DM book never agrees with what I'm seeing/working with and I have a "stock" TR6. Next time around... I buy a new harness and do the total car myself.

As far as that dweeb out west who did the "concours turn-key perfect restoration which would take top prize in any LBC event" I could pick him up by the neck with one hand and give him a good shake but guess who would be arrested... always the good guy here in Canada.


Rick/Don... I'll sort thru this tomorrow or Monday and make it right. We've had several days of gkids so my puttering is intermittent... not good for follow-thru. I really appreciate you guys jumping in here. I'm a keener but lack know-how on this TR6 hobby.
Ken Shaddock

Ken- If you want any help in throttling that guy,I'm the man. Those type of people who advertise false info P***s me off.

Ken even an illiterate electrical man can figure Dan's schematics out. Just do what Rick an I did. Look for the wire in question and figure out where they go. They don't change colors inside the harness.
I figure your PO didn't change any colors just left stuff off. Most probably pieces that didn't work or in some cases are better left off. Case in point the seat belt module wire that feeds from the door.Since mine is an early car I don't have most of this so you'll need 76 owner for what is better left off

Some possible hassle pieces
seat belt module
the emission piece that is tied to the oil pressure switch

Off the tp of my head that's it.


Ok guys... this is getting to be more fun. I have a functional v-meter and I have corrected the way the PO hooked up the headlight switch so now I have a separate switch position for parking lights and headlights... not just off and both on.

Now, the only instrument that does not work is the odometer/tripmeter which a local mechanic here believes he can fix before I try Palo Alto or Nisonger. Speedo okay.

Next I'll take a look at those light-green & whites and that black/green to follow what you guys are saying. Somewhere I have a colour version of the wiring chart - from the CD me thinks. I did the print and paste thing as suggested but did not have it handy... was using Dan's letter code references.

Ken A.I.E.M (Apprentice Illiterate Electrical Man)
Ken Shaddock

OK Ken- Copy this to book marks and your Documents so it is always there.

Also you probably don't have to run a ground to the Volt meter as it might have a common ground with another gauge. Then it might not, you'll have to look.

Thank you sir... got it as a favourite. Next time I ask can you remind me where I put it. Just kidding.

I had to run a new ground and the meter works great.
Ken Shaddock

Don... send me your email address. I have a pic for your garage. It's not British but a great shot anyway from Bonneville where I hope to be in September.


I'm at smokeyssonATgmailDOTcom
Ken Shaddock


I am now using the color version of the Masters schematic and see the following:

1. The B/G wire to my left door switch is connected as it should but the portion of that wire that comes from the ignition is disconnected since it involves the Seatbelt Module. Don't need it. You were right on.

2. The double G/W I talked about is indeed LG/W sorry about that. They too will remain as an unconnected twin deadheaded into a gray insulator that holds two female bullets. If indeed it powers the EGR Service Counter & Light I don't need it. My EGR is not connected and sits in the engine bay like some kind of ugly appendage. Should I remove it, plate it, stare at it, talk to it???

3. The twin G that was connected to the Voltmeter via a double female spade has been disconnected and taped off for now. I ran a ground from that v-meter terminal so that gauge now works. Everything I see connected by a G is functional so I'll let it lie... unless I see that it should be attached to the voltage stabilizer. That's a maybe.

4. The double B that runs into a gray insulator will for now remain deadheaded until I need a ground. Perhaps for the radio as you say Don.

I still have other wiring mysteries under the dash and in the engine bay to resolve so I will keep following this color schematic and try to hunt these things down.

Thanks for your help with this stuff.


Ken Shaddock

Pretty easy,eh?
You should see my Wedge wiring diagram, and then throw in FI!

Hey what's going on here...yous guys south of the border are not allowed to say eh. This is a 100% Canuck thing.

So stop ...ok...EH?


Ken, kinda sounds like you are getting the hang of this 12V wiring thing eh?
Rick Crawford

Well I thought I was getting a handle on this 12V game until I went to reinstall the footwell light bulbs. I had them out due to all the time with open doors. The one on the left lit up like the 4th of July before I knocked it out of its socket. I had not touched the P and PW wires so don't know what caused the light show at this point. Here we go again.

BTW, Larry The Cable Guy is here Aug 9 (Casino Rama). I'm betting he's got the "eh" all ready for us.
Ken Shaddock

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