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Triumph TR6 - Want to trade a Corvette for nice TR6

Hi GUys,

I have been out of the LBC world for a couple of years now,...and I must say I am missing them. I currently have a very nice 1976 Corvette that I would love to trade for a very nice TR6. My car is a high 8 out of 10.

It is an L48 350 V8, Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, T-Tops, Leather interior, Cold A/C, Power Windows, 10 disc CD Changer, Classic White with Dark Brown interior, 65K actual miles, Loads of documentation, and runs and drives GREAT. Can be driven every day. Plenty of pictures available.

I am in Alabama USA and would like to tarde for a car somewhat locally, (within the Southeast).

Let's see what's available.

Danny Thomason


Hi Don,

Who is Doug???
Danny Thomason

Thanks Don...but ain't no way. Danny, I live in Huntsville.
Doug Baker

Aw come on!!

Just do what I did - get both

TR6 - '73 stock (ok, I did upgrade to Chrome Wire Rims)
Corvette - '94 all stock, w/ Z51 performance suspension, 6 speed, and factory high-wing.

And then Add:
Porsche 944 - '84
Mustang GT - '04
Harley-Davidson - '77 Cafe Racer (XLCR-1000)
Mercedes-Benz - '85 300D (Turbodiesel)
Dodge Ram - '95 2500 4x4 w/ Cummins Turbocharged diesel, 5-speed
Harley-Davidson - '81 Sturgis
Firebird - '92
Jeep Wrangler - '00
Ford Excursion - '05 4x4 w/ V-10, leather, loaded
Honda Rincon - '06 (My ATV)
Craftsman Riding Lawnmower - '02 (Wife's ATV)

I've almost finished the interior of my eight-car garage in the backyard, complete with cable TV, Stereo Surround Sound System, Full HVAC, four post auto lift, and hydraulic lift table for the motorcyles AND refrigerator.
Bob Blair

You're sick:) I couldn't make the down payment on your auto insurance!!

My experiences with 'vettes go back to my days of driving a TR-250 in the late 60's early 70's. I sometimes participated in the local slalom races on a Saturday morning. We didn't have too many entrants so my 2.5L was classed with the big guys...Healeys, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc. It was always a rare delight to shut 'em down in the safety cone course in the parking lot of our local Sears. Many times I was challenged to "Get out on the street and in a real race and I'll show you..." I just smiled and drove my TR!!
Doug Baker

Hey Doug,.. I was not comparing the 2 cars to each other. Having owned many LBC's as well as many Corvettes, (and other American Muscle Cars), over the years, they BOTH hold a very special charm. They are just different. I would LOVE to be able to keep the Vette AND have a TR6. It's just that my funds and garage space no longer allow me to have both. There are many attributes about a Corvette that a TR6 can NEVER offer, just as the TR6 has issues that the Corvette can never offer.

Anyway, if anyone is interetsed, or knows of someone who is, just email me.

Danny Thomason

Hey Danny, no offense intended. I've driven lots of "muscle" cars defined as more power than agility, I guess, including a couple of Cobras that can hardly be termed less than agile, but certainly when comparing a LBC to a 'Vette the LBC wins hands down in turn radius and steering least IMHO:)
Doug Baker

I'd consider Danny but since I'm in California, I can't see how it could work.

Tim Brand

This thread was discussed between 20/03/2007 and 31/03/2007

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