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Triumph TR6 - Wanted and For Sale

Because of a total rewire job on the 71 (thank you Dan) I have a brand new Bosch 55 amp alt. for sale cheap. Also for the guys who have stuff. I am looking for a volt meter from a 73+. Anybody out there,Goose Jim(who we haven't heard from in a while),Georgia Rick, Penn. Rick.Ont. Bill?
Don K.

Hey on,
How about a trade? I need a new alt, and I do have a extra 73 volt meter.
Marcello (been trying to be a memeber for a year now)

oops...forgot the "D" in Don..sorry.

Hi Don, I do have a voltmeter for a '73+ that I'm sure would fit your needs. In Seattle. If you have an amp guage I'd trade - Dave Johnston
David Johnston

Don or is on?...sorry Marcello:)
Just curious, why do you not need "a brand new Bosch 55 amp alt. for sale cheap"? Is there a better choice for Dans' wiring/setup?

Marcello, do you log on at work? Maybe your connection to the world has a firewall or something. I think you need to "accept cookies".

I have an AMP guage. Lets see what do I need..OH YA, bearings and or thrust washer.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Hey Dave where you been?We might be on to something.
Marcello- Offer is tempting but Dave's proximity is hard to pass up.
Rick - Dan's panel comes pre wired for a AC Delco alt.. So what the heck it is just money.


We have a Goose?
Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 04/12/2004 and 14/12/2004

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