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Triumph TR6 - Water deflectors in doors

I am in the middle of restoring a '71 TR6, and currently re-assembling the doors. May be lazy on my part, but wondering what is the purpose of the plastic curtains that are inside the door. Seems like once water gets in there, its going to drip to the bottom one way or another. Hard to imagine what these things do. I bought this car disassembled, so I don't exactly know how they were originally placed, and neither the Haynes manual or 'The Complete Official' manual give this matter much attention. Neither even mention the sound panel shown in the TRF parts catalog (which DOES actually make sense to reduce noise.) Any thoughts on how important these 'shower curtains' really are? (Also, noticed on other cars I've had that the plastic was simply attached under the trim panel with kind of a caulk sealant.)
Mark Hauser

I believe that all of the doors on these cars did have the plastic vapor barrier installed. The main purpose was to prevent moisture from getting directly on the back of the door panel which causes it warp. We know that no TR has ever had this problem, "right"! The plastic barrier was made of a somewhat thick plastic about 8-10 mil. It was attached to the "inside" of the door with a putty/glue substance. I have tried to correctly install the barrier this way but gave up and installed it directly over the door frame after the installation of the rest of the door hardware. I really think that this was installed before the door skin was installed at the factory. If any one knows differently, please let us know. I also use a sheet of sound deadening material on the inside of the outer door skin to make the door sound more stout.

Thanks for the feedback. Before I got your message, I also call The Roadster Factory who'a technical support guy shares your opinion. Since the plastic only protects the interior panel, just glue a vapor barrier over the inside panel just beneath the trim panel.

Did the sound panel help? These doors do have a pretty hollow sound, especially when those door straps lock open. What did you use?

Thanks again,

Mark, I used a product called Dynamat available from Eastwood. I covered the insides of the door skins with this self adhesive material and painted it to match. Doors sound like a Bemer now! Steve

Hi Mark
When restoring my 71 these plastic shower curtains where non existant. Mark (here we go again) I glued plastic film onto the inside of the new door panels. The only place I have seen a semi description of the original plastic is in the TRF spare parts catalogue ( plate FE page365).They where called a Water Curtain Assembly.
Steve Nice Idea on the sound deadening material. I will consider this winter to take the door panels off and put this stuff in.
Rick Crawford

Hi guys,
My solution was to (a) apply marine varnish to the back of new door trim panels and (b) cover openings on inner door panels with gaffer tape. Hope this helps!
Regards, from sunny Oz!
Colin White, Adelaide
Colin White

Like your idea...this will never come off. Sounds like best solution so far
Thanx mate
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 30/11/2001 and 05/12/2001

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