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Triumph TR6 - Water heated, or..

...water cooled ?? Inlet manifold that is. I'm guessing in a warm climate it is better left disconnected for cooler air. Sorry I'm always asking Q's but as I learn these cars I can offer more. Peter G
Peter G

Hi Peter,

Great question. Air temperature density.

In Canada just a dream at this time of the year. -20 here.

The engine and carburator design functions best for street at X temperature. The cooling tube not only brings the intake manifold to that temp. earlier it trys to keep it in a range. Head and exhaust temps. increase during hard running. Your intake temp. will go sky high without.

If you want denser cooler air add an inlign cooling device for the intake manifold tube. I would not take it off.


Bill Brayford

When the gas is mixed with air in the carb, some evaporates, which is a cooling process. Years ago I owned a Beetle, and the outside of the inlet manifold actually iced up in cold weather. So I thought the tube was strictly to heat the manifold so that gas wouldn't accumulate inside on the cold metal surface and "slug" the mixture with droplets in cold weather. I put a ball valve in the return line on mine and have it open in winter, off in summer when its 95 deg F.
Brent B

Just for the record, petrol cools the intake air by about 20C at the correct mixture strength.
The PI manifolds had no provision for heating, but then we never see minus 20C here (not yet).
P H Cobbold

Thanks again guys, more to chew on. Had not considered fast run heating of intake mani, or rapid reduction in temp when I haul up our 10.000 ft plus mountain + thinner air.Should probably try it both ways and report back to the board, just for fun. Peter G
Peter G

Hey Peter

Wish I had your problems. Let us know while I shovel snow. Achoo Achooo :)

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 14/01/2003 and 16/01/2003

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