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Triumph TR6 - Water PumpGasket

Greetings from Nova Scotia

What can I say its a great day in NS temps are 18C, so who needs heat in the garage. Yes I know its Canada and it will get cold.

Got my cylinder head back from the machine shop yesterday, 4 new exhaust valves, all new inlet/exhaust guides, the shopmade new valve seats, head was skimmed and cleaned and tested for cracks. So to take advantage of an afternoon (spent the morning trying to find an DPFE sensor for my Windstar $150 ouch)and started to refit the head all was going great (pictures will be posted) until I came to fit the waterpump the gasket as supplied in the Payen set is too small see the picture. I have contacted my supplier who I am sure will replace the gasket with the correct one. Anyone else had theis problem?


lw gilholme

Me thinks you have an exhaust gasket there for a single pipe system... should just be a cardboard gasket and not copper. Check out the package in case its hidden between a few others.

Rob Gibbs

I'm with Rob on this one.

Thanks guys,

I thought it strange that the gasket would be copper, but that was the only shape in the kit, searched through it again this morning. I thought that the kit contained all the gaskets? Must have been missed when they packed it.

Oh well other jobs to get on with this morning while I have to wait a week for the gasket.

lw gilholme

This thread was discussed on 09/11/2008

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