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Triumph TR6 - what car is the tr6 based on?

the spitfire is that a midget or a b what engines does it use. Why are triumps such an unpopular choice or motor compared to an mg or a lotus or is it just becuase they dont make truimph so no one knows what they are? apart from the bikes of course
mr mr

What language is your message based on. Is it english or did they make it so no one knows what it says?

Best Regards,

Johanson Parfoon
Johanson Parfoon

cheers Johanson

UNPOPULAR???? For who? or is that whom?

Rod Nichols

Ciertamente que nadie lo entendio, yo hablo espaņol e ingles, se bastante italiano y puedo leer frances...!!!
Angel L. Traverso


The ability, as you say, to speak Spanish, English, Italian and (read) French won't help you to understand Mr. Bath up there since the Bath dude speaks none of the above.

Regards from Cowtown
Calgary, Canaja

John Parfitt
73 TR6
John Parfitt

Mr. Bath obviously cannot spell which would indicate a lack of education; which would further indicate ignorance. How could an ignorant uneducated person recognize a fine automobile. I'd be willing to bet he drives a 1986 Hyundai Pony. Probably thinks he has a classic.

Doug Campbell
Doug Campbell

so now that we are through with giving mr mr,bath a hard time regarding his use of the Queens' language, I will offer up an answer.
I am not sure why you ask if the Triumph Spitfire is based on a (MG)Midget or a B (MGB). You are talking about two different car manufacturers that where, to say the least, in competition. The Spitfire had a 4 cylinder engine.
So to answer your thread title question, The TR6 is based on the TR5 (designated TR250 in NA as a marketing ploy). German coachbuilders, Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, where given the task of coming up with a "new" TR. Since the TR5 was fitted with the inline 6 it was time to change the body style to go with this bigger engine an introduce the TR6 (all earlier TR designated lines had the 4 cylinder). As usual, Triumph was cash poor so change the look of the car but keep costs down was the order of the day. So on the same frame as the TR5/TR250, with the identical cockpit, with the only styling change to the front and back of the body, the TR6 was born.

"Why are triumps such an unpopular choice or motor compared to an mg or a lotus or is it just becuase they dont make truimph so no one knows what they are?"

To try and make sense of words...yes you are correct, the Triumph sports car is not made anymore. "UNPOPULAR???? For who? or is that whom?" It could not have been said better. UMMMM, I know what a Triumph is and I think there are a few other people in this world that also know.

mr mr, bath, I have a question for you. Are you related to Ted's daughter, Hillarie?
(for you long timers this BBS, sorry, just had to ask :)

PS the correct spelling is TRIUMPH and, FYI, the motorcycle manufacturer has nothing to do with the (extict) car manufacturer.

Owner of a very popular 1971 Triumph Roadster
Rick Crawford

I think that some our Canadian friends gave Mr Mr from Bath a hard time, and they say that the 'Westerners" are a friendly bunch? Hmmm, not so sure base on the reply they gave this newby. Sometimes when we type on to the internet, the ISP is slow and you don't see the letters arriving on screen at the same time you type. He may have hit 'send' too premature. Spelling within reason is excuseable when on a forum as some of us (me included) struggle with spelling.

I would add to Rick's response that the TR 6 is based further back to the TR4A IRS as the chassis is nearly identical. The rear end comes from the Triumph Salon car, 2000 and perhaps is one of the few cars in the world where the frame runs below the rear drive train (does not lend itself to long suspension travel).

The basis of the engine also comes from that car (2000) as it is a stroked version of the 2L lump rounding it out to 2.5L. The basic block and heads can be found on the GT 6.

Incidentally because Triumph was cash starved they kept the windscreen and doors from the TR4 and used them in the if this will make a big difference in R&D!!???

Not sure if unpopular is the word with the TR6 compared to the MGB and the Midget, they were much more of a volume car as it was cheaper. The MG and the Spitfire were a 'hair dresser's car' just like the Miata and VW Cabrio is today. Real men drove TR's and real men drove E's and DB's and lost men drove that guppy mouth Daimler (the Pontiac Aztec of sports cars).

I have to agree with Steven - aint know way hair dressers drive tr6s! In fact I remember mg owners telling me they chose mgs because the TR clutch pedal was too hard to push down.

I have some dirty laundry to air here but I only do it in pursuit of the truth so please forgive me for what I am about to say: If we follow our TRs back far enough I think we end up on the farm: Tr8, 7, 6, 250/5. 4a,4,3,2 etc...? Lore has it that TRs, or at least their engines, originated with a tractor! Has anyone seen one? Im looking for a resto project. Oops... gotta go tend to the fire now.

Well...I hope this thread continues on to be, shall I say, interesting. Steven, I am sorry to disagree with you. When I am finished a posting, I have the habbit of going back over and reading it and doin' a little spell-checking.....not to mention punctuation. I am not perfect and Hillarie was kind enough to show me my errors. I do not think I am alone here. I type fast and I MUST go back over it only because this darn BBS does not have spell check ...:)
Cheers to all
Michael...Yes our heritage lies in the farm fields...ya know...the place they spread the !@#$. are absolutely correct...back to the 4. The interesting point is that the TR5 kept the bubble on the bonnett.
Rick Crawford

Hey Guys
The reason I was rude to mr mr from Bath is because he was being sarcastic and a trouble maker. He was not really asking a question. If you don't believe me, Check out Austin Healy Sprite under "the trouble with Healys" -- Or MG Car Co. under - "doig chunkin fife" -- Or MGB General, under "driver lack atank" (his spelling not mine) and there are probably more.

Doug Campbell
73 TR6
Doug Campbell

Doug has it pegged. The guy is a troll, I saw some of his dreck on other stuff too. One of my general online mantras is "Don't feed the trolls." I was basically hoping that this would be recognized for what it was and be ignored. Oh well, maybe next time...

As for the farm field heritage, it was shared base casting with Ferguson UK (if memory is serving correctly), but all different internals compared to the four cylinder agricultural lump.

You should have seen what he wrote about morgan drivers)So it really was an agricultural engine? does that mean i could change my B to a diesil with putting a b seris diesil head on?
mr mr

Doug, I stand corrected and obviously you were in the know about this time wasting character. Since I don't read the other sections which I should because you can learn something but I don't because of a lack of time.

Great sleuthing and lets ignore this tosser!

What a prat.

I've had MGBs. Love em. Had an alfa too. I've been in Alfas, MGBs, Midgets, and TR6s. The MGB is plenty zippy, but not as much power as a TR6 for sure. I had a 91 Alfa that could really go on four cylinders.... What the MGB DOES have is a great design. It is amazing how much room is inside an MGB and how comfortable it is to sit in. The later ones were smooth drivers too. In the TR6 I feel like I have to share half my seat with the door. In the Alfa I have to be barefoot not to hit two pedals at a time. I'm just a regular shaped 6'-2" guy.

By the way, Mr. Mr. bath is probably thinking of the Midget and Sprite relationship. Not spitfire.

as they say

the body of the MGB was designed by a junior aerodynamisist (an E was by a senior aerodynamisist) and a TR6 was done by the office boy.

TxDave, you forgot to say the MGB/C looks like a
slightly squeezed/flatend suasage and hasn't the coolness of Triumph,... but I forgive you.
I'm not much of a web nerd but I'd never heard of a web troll before, someone that essentially stirrs up
the excrement to make himself feel powerful and important. The same kind of guy that would draw
pictures on the walls of the bathroom stalls to
excite himself. I guess they never go away they just
go with the new media.
Christopher Trace


We all know a TR6 is a TR5 (TR250) with a different body.
a TR5 is a TR4 with a different engine
a TR4 is a TR3 with a different body
a TR3 is a TR2 with a different engine
(neat how this Triumph thing works !!)
a TR2 is based on ahhh.. Tractor differential and a Standard saloon car (Ferguson... pre Massey-Ferguson and Standard post Standard-Triumph)

And just in case people were confused a TR8 is a TR7 with a different engine
and a TR7... well thats based on a ... um.. a.. um.. No Comment ?!
Brent Wilson

Well, I wasn't trying to stir anything up. I understand people get attached to their models and lose sight of the attributes of others. That's part of the fun I guess. I like Triumphs, MGs and Alfas. I'll be the first to point out the benifits and drawbacks of each model that I know of. Never driven an MGC, but boy does that sound like a great combination. Power and comfort! Looks are fleeting. Every day I find myself admiring a car I once thought looked like crap. That's another fun part about the LBC infatuation. Since I wasn't driving when they were being sold, I derive great pleasure out of reading up and learning about them.

Well, I was gonna start a new thread, which I still might, about my latest adventure, but this seems as good as any. I would've liked to post it on the GT6 board, but it seems dead.

I'm gonna be picking your brains here in the near future as I gear up for a restoration of my new baby. It is a total rust bucket, but since the body merely bolts onto the frame and isn't part of the structural support (like the MG which has no frame) I think a restoration is in order.

Here's my new basket case:

It is a 1970 Triumph GT6+ and runs and drives. Just needs serious body and interior work. (cut and paste)


Having worked as a program manager in the NA auto industry for a heavy metal stamping operation, I can tell you the focus of component re-use is not on R&D costs. Those big honking stamping dies cost a couple of million dollars each today. I expect at that time even allowing for the difference in money, that they would be within the comparable sort of "snack bracket", given the large amount of manual labour involved.

Now my understanding is that Karman did the front end and rear end, but basically everything from the centre line of the front wheels back to the centre line of the rear wheel is identical. Therefore with new front and rear panels, new bumpers, four new quarter panels/fenders, new lights, and voila, they had a new car to sell.

Automotive Economics 101.

Best regards,

LG Middleton

TXDave, I didn't mean to imply that you were stirring up things, but mr mr bath. I too have driven MGB's
and really liked the tight steering and feel of the car, but my God they are ugly little things.
I also love the old Alfas, easily as much work as
a LBC. Looking forward to hearing about your restoration.
Christopher Trace

LBC?? Did I miss explain

Aero 8. What do you think of the styling of the new Morgan?

Final words:
Al Fresco! Mama Mia. Mucho grande bella pechuga! Nothing better than a TR6 on a sunny day.

Steven: LBC = Little British Car. As opposed to Jags, Aston's, Rolls, ect.
Brent B

Why don't you guys ignore this web troll and go out and drive your TR6's. It's summer here.

BTW, I got back on Monday morning (June 30th) in a huge down-burst about 10:30. I drove "TRusty", my TR3A a total of 2459 miles in all over 15 days and had the top down for the whole trip. I took 3rd in my TR3A concours class (87 points) at TRA US National Meet in Auburn Indiana with over 71,000 miles on "TRusty" since my restoration in 1990. The winner in my class bought his car a year ago from the original owner with only 16,000 miles on the car and had it restored completely - total body-off. And he trailered it to TRA from Rhode Island in bubble wrap (it looked like a condom) held on with duct tape. And he only beat me by 3 points. Maybe this trailer queen is our troll.

I was also awarded the longest distance plaque with 965 miles driven in a TR. BTW, they also gave me the plaque for the person who drove the farthest - in any sort of car !

The only trouble I had centered on my starter which would start fine, but then wouldn't let the small pinion gear slide back out the way and the teeth
on the flywheel were just zinging the teeth on the pinion making as horrible sound. I pulled out carb #2, then the starter, took in apart, cleaned the
shaft and re-lubed it and put it all back together in 2 hours at Mosport last Wednesday. It's fine now. And 4 days of TR's racing around Mosport was a sight to be seen,

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thank you Mr. Elliott!!!!

Don, it sounds like the trailer queen owner "bought" the trophy. From what you say, it sounds like he had the car restored for him...not by him. MAN!!! he missed out on a lot of the fun of owning a LBC. It is too bad that the point system does not take into account what the owner has personally done to restore his/her vehicle. Congratulations to you on a deserved second place that probably should have been a first!

I bet he would not know what to do with his condom if HIS gear would not slide back:)

Doug, thanks for being the super sleuth. A while back I went to the other BBSs. In particular MG. I can only say that the TR6 marque BBS has been very clean, very friendly, very helpfull, and very informative.

Maybe next time a Troll is spotted it could be pointed out immediately to us all so that we "Don't feed the trolls."

TxDave, welcome, good luck, have fun, and ask away.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick - It sounds like he sure did. But "TRusty" is my trophy. I have enough wall plaques that collect dust hanging on the walls in our family playroom. My garage is my real playroom.

I wrote to our BBS "web-mechanic" Mike Plumstead about these trolls and he replied within hours that these two guys have caused him a lot of trouble.

Please don't feed the trolls. That's what they want.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

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