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Triumph TR6 - What happenned ??

Just as I was really gaining faith in my car, it suddenly stopped, just lke it was out of gas - tank was full, fuel pump freshly rebuilt !! - now heres the rub, I pumped the priming lever on fuel pump (the reason I rebuilt and did'nt replace the pump - new ones do not come w/priming lever, which I feel is invaluable). She fired right up and has run like a top ever since. There is a hefty vacuum at the fuel tank filler which could have been the problem but nothing is different and she runs fine now. as she did before. Am now nervous about taking TeResa too far afield. Any ideas ?? It is such a sinking feeling when your car just stops, away from home, and embarrassing w/ a sweetie by your side. Peter G
Peter G

Hmmm... I know the tank is supposed to vent to the carbon cannister (mine almost does), but there shouldn't be a "heafty vacuum" there unless that valve antirun-on valve on the bottom of the cannister is closed, or the carbon bed itself is plugged. Why not disconnect and plug the hose from the gas tank to the cannister?

Vacuum can cause pump flow problems, especially in a warm engine compartment. If the fuel starts flashing to vapor at the pump suction valve it will essentially stop pumping liquid. Low pressure/high temperature are the worst combination for that. So - 1) check the fuel line going into the pump. If it's warm or too close to the engine, consider insulating it. 2) break the vacuum at the tank by means described above.
Brent B

since you live a warm climate, it sounds like you had a case of vapour lock

Peter. If, when you pop the fuel cap, you notice the
'healthy vacuum' this is a bad thing. Disconnect but don't plug that hose from the tank. Get set to disconnect all that reburning junk and start burning clean air. You'll like the outcome.SC
Steve C

Hi Peter

That will have been cause for idle rising. I don't remember your year but the vent lines plug up rust and or get kinked. Major cause of lean running.

Check the vent right at the tank. Line comes in and right over in to tank. Rest of it wanders all over car trunk etc.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 13/03/2003 and 14/03/2003

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