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Triumph TR6 - what is your nickname for your TR6?

On a lighter note...
What nicknames do you guys have for your cars?
I still dont have one for mine - but probably should. I am still calling it 'the TR6', although my wife has started to call it "you always work on that damn car you bastard"
6yr old niece calls it "crazy magic" - because I look crazy when I drive it and its fast like magic - not a bad name I guess.
anyone else?
Austin T. Brown

In honour of its bad habits when it was cold, it earned the name "Grumpy".

This stuck even after adding some oil to the carburetor dampers, new plugs and points, and setting the valve clearances (don't always trust the PO) which all together made some amazing improvements to its driveability.

Sid Turner

Ed, a name provided by my wife. When I first bought the car back in tne 80s, it was in dire need of a hydraulic system and suspension rebuild. One night she complained that she felt like Carol Post. Puzzled, I asked who is Carol Post and why do you feel like her. She then reminded me of the television show "Mr. Ed" and how Wilbur, her husband, was always "out in the barn with Mr Ed." (For you non-US folks, this was show from the 60s that ran in syndication for years. Mr. Ed was a talking horse.) She then took to calling it Ed, friends picked up on it, the name stuck.

My wife always calls the 58 baby girl, and the 56 old girl. She hasn't given the 61 any fond names, must not be a girl.

I named my 1958 TR3A "TRusty". It took me years to find a name. So don't rush. I trust that my TR will get me to my destination and in most cases it has. I have driven it over 82,000 miles in the last 14 summers without a cell phone or a CB. Also I have never been a member of AAA (or CAA here in Canada).

I'm good to it. It's been good to me.

Don Elliott, Original Owner
I plan to keep "TRusty" another 46 years.
And I'm still 20 years old.

For many years - from 1968 to 1987, my TR lost the "T" off it's name and during this time, it was called "Rusty" while it waited in my garage for 19 years to get restored.
Don Elliott

I travel frequently to US and while doing the restore I would pick up parts down there...a lot from Jeff Z. It got to the point that my wife would say " you got your mistress presents but nothing for me". Then ofcourse there where the hours upon hours out in the garage, winter or summer, putting her back together. I would come in and Cheryl would ask "how is the mistress"? So the "title" started to stick. My 2 sons got me vanity plates....MY MSTRS
Rick C

PS Don, "And I'm still 20 years old."
I think we all feel that way when behind the wheel.
Rick Crawford

Austin.. The TR2 is Teddy. The TR3 and the 6 don't have names yet because we haven't developed a personal relationship yet. It take time to be on a first name basis with these sweethearts.
Don.. And how much of that("And I'm still 20") can you credit to TRusty?
B. Towne


If you've ever seen the BBC series "Keeping Up Appearances," you will understand. If you haven't, let's just say that it has to do with high maintenence
T. M. Brex


for all the money I've put in it.

John Davis

"The Triumph"

Yes, boring. But it's too reliable for a feminine name, and I do way too much for it to be a male buddy, so "The Triumph" it is.

Brent B

No official name yet. My TR4A was simply "The Triumph"; my departed old Dad called that one a "mean cantankerous litte beast". I liked that but too long! The TR6 is usually getting called the TR but my bud Dave & I had these two US cars (Washington & Calif.)shipped to Nfld from BC in May & they took 3 weeks to make the 4,000 mile trip. It was like waiting for the baby & we could track the cars on Searail so Dave calls one night & asks, "any word on where The Youngsters are today?" That stuck so we usually refer to the two '6's as "The Youngsters". They cost even more than teenagers anyway!

Bob Evans
Paradise, Nfld.
Bob Evans

'The TR' does me (with vanity plate to match) although I have accasionally been tempted to use 'Kylie' (after winner of the recent 'best bum'(butt) poll in UK - Kylie Minogue) - why you ask? .....

well.....she goes, she goes, she goes!
Roger H

Alts. between the "6" and bitch.

"My British Toy", after owning a 1969 Consul and 1971 MG Midget

Angel L. Traverso
1971 TR6
Aguada,Puerto Rico
Angel L. Traverso

"The Little Red Car". My 5 year old, who loves it dearly, uses that name for it.

Tim Brand

Well so far I like "baby girl" best but I call mine "Beanie". Sounds British to me. I used to have a personalized plate for her but when we moved I didn't want the hassle and I just got a regular one. I have mixed emotions about changing it now.
S.A. Neill

My plates are TR RIFIC .. RIFI seemed to come from that naturally and that's what I call the car..."I'm going for a RIFI RUN dear" and away I go !
Charlie Ballard

I call my 74 TR 6 "Miss Carmine" in reference to it's color (Carmine Red). My grandson calls it "The Race Car".

John Korsak

When I'm not referring to it as "the little car", I tend to call him "Reggie".
rch Hunt

I go along with Bryn

For my '74 Tr6 it's either "Baby" or "Bitch" depending upon the situation
T. W. Brown

Family decided to label her as "Mello Yellow" and lately I hear them ryme it to my first name. "Marcello"s Mello Yello"
Marcello Vena

Ours has been called "The Shiny Red Car" for as long as its been red, courtesy of my youngest daughter. If you'll indulge me a quick story, she was about 5 when we were driving on a sunny day and she said to me "Daddy, can I have the shiny red car when you die?" I wasn't sure how to answer so I said that would depend on a lot of things like where she was in the future. She said she wasn't going to be in the future. I asked why not, and she said "Cause I'll be in the shiny red car!"

The car is still cute as ever, but daughter, alas, has become a teenager.

A. J. Koschinsky

As my TR6 neared the day it would hit the road about a year ago last spring, one of my friends wives asked "What are you going to name her?" How can you name a car that is continually described as a "hairy-chested sports car" with a female name?'s Jack! Jack kills bugs, and I like to help him!

Rod Nichols

"I'm going for a cruise in the Tee-Arr, be back in a couple hours...."

John Parfitt

A nice local car here has the licence plate 'AMFM'. For a long time I thought he must have been a DJ or into the radio in a big way. We met on the road once and I asked him the meaning......

All My F.....g Money !!!
Roger H

Lada because its boxy and runs rough as buggery

CB Chip Bull

We call it the "little car". The dog goes nuts if I ask him if he wants to go for a ride in the little car.

JL Bryan

Tony - great little story. Ain't kids logic great?

Althoough I didn't name the car, I used to race my TR4a, and based on something my wife said I invented a team name "WOFTAM Racing"
Stands for Waste Of F******* Time And Money!
Simon. (2 seats no waiting)
Simon Rasmussen

"Ma Wee Beastie" It's mine. It's small. It's a beast. I'm part Scottish. Nostaligic link to the old country.

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