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Triumph TR6 - Wheel adjustments (Thanks Peter!)

Thanks for the advice Peter, even though I originally did not ask for it. Funny I should read your message since I just finshed a complete rebuild on my 1970 TR6 Front suspension. Everything has been refinished or is brand new (hardware & fastners poly bushes etc..) However, when I put the front wheels back on, I noticed an excessive amount of negative camber (top of the wheel inward). My TR6 did not have any shims before I rebuilt it. If I were to use them, it would create even more of a negative angle. I have also put spax gas shocks and Comp. springs in. Can you suggest what might be causing such a degree of camber. My parts guy suggested that I may have the FULCRUMS of the upper control arms on backwards. I'm almost 100% positive I don't. Is there any way of adjusting Camber to bring out the top of the Wheel?? I'm desparate!!
regards, Trevor
Trevor A. Christie

Trevor, I think it must be the upper fulcrum pins mounted the wrong way round , especially if you removed shims when dismantling the car. The manual and parts cat are unclear on positioning the upper fulcrum , so its an understandable mistake . Reversing the pin will move the upper wishbone mounting pins outward by about 10mm. (The only other possibility is that shortened upper wishbones were manufactured for racers by Restorations, but this cannot be the cause if you have refitted the originals.) Have fun! Peter
Peter Cobbold

This thread was discussed between 03/05/1999 and 04/05/1999

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