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Triumph TR6 - Wheel Spin

No, I'm not overburdened with horsepower in a '76 TR6. Got the left rear of the TR6 jacked up to replace brake shoes & found a burst wheel cylinder - brake fluid everywhere so it's a wonder she stopped at all. Anyway, after sitting on the jack two weeks in the cold waiting for more parts to arrive I start her up to charge the battery & the left rear hub spins. Not fast but with some force as I could not stop it by jamming my foot on it. The right rear wheel is on the ground & the trans is in neutral. I also have a leaky clutch slave cylinder that I'm replacing over the winter. Question - is it normal for the elevated hub to spin or is my clutch somehow partially engaged due to the faulty slave cylinder? Note that my clutch pedal is a little too low since the leak started even though I topped it up as needed. Very slow leak. Any advice would be appreciated guys.
Bob Evans

Wow, is this ever a common topic lately. There are a couple of recent threads very closely related to this in the last few days.

Hi Bob,
My first thought is that should not happen as the clutch is supposed to be disengaged...I can't see how a faulty slave will cause this because if it failed completely you would not be able to engage the clutch...I know,mine failed a couple of years ago and I had no pedal and had to drive home using power shifting and neutral.
I'm going for a drive shortly so first I'll lift up one rear side and see what I get.
Charlie Ballard

Bob--There should be no power being transferred to the diff when in neutral. Does the wheel stop spinning when you depress the clutch pedal? There is somehting amiss in your gearbox that is unrelated to the clutch. Try jiggling the gearshift to find a position where the wheel spin stops.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Hi Bob,
I lifted up each side of my car with the engine idling and the wheels don't move at all unless I turn them. Hope that helps
Charlie Ballard

Bob-An easy way to check for clutch disengagement is to jack up the left rear wheel, get in the car and put it in gear with out the engine running, depress the clutch pedal and try to turn the wheel-it should spin without much resistance.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Thanks Guys:

Will be trying all your advice but only just now got the car all back together. Typically, I found my brake adjusters were frozen but luckily I was able to free them up. Then found that the front pads wre all but gone so scrounged a used set from a TR buddy, who also contributed a wheel cylinder and if the D*mn rain would just stop I'd take a test drive and then come back & work on the wheelspin issue. As always guys, you have come through when in need - really appreciated. Will provide an update. Happy motoring.

Bob Evans

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