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Triumph TR6 - Wheels

Has anyone found mag wheels other than Panasports to fit the TR6. I am looking for 16" wheels with the correct bolt pattern and backspacing with no success. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks, Bob


I have Datsun 280Z 15" wheels on my TR6 and I think SAAB 900S will fit, but be carefull with the offset. Why 16" wheels, it may stress suspension and if you want more handling why not 215-65x15 with V rating. Dont forfet that TR6 in the north american form are not ovepowered. If you want hanling, improve your suspension with tube shock, nylatron bushing and uprated swaybars.
Cheers, J.G.

Sure 15 inch rims look ok, but in todays world
with tons of 16 and 17 inch rims and tires, why
settle for less.

I am running 215 70R15 Goodyears on stock
rims with a rear tube shock conversion and
uprated springs. What I would give to add 16
inch rims with a 60 series tire.

Going lower profile is not about power.
It's about cornering. Lower profile means
less sidewall roll.

Going taller rims does not stress the suspension.
You can have a 17 inch rim with the same tire
width as the factory ones.

Just because you go taller, you don't have to go wider.

As a note, If tire width was all related to power,
rear wheel drive race cars would have super wide
tires on the drive axle and itty bitty skinny tires
on the non drive axle.

Anyway, if I could find a reasonably priced set of 16
inch rims that would look good on a TR6, I would get
them in a 6 or 7 inch width and mount somewhere
around a 215 60R16 tire. I'm note sure how much
clearance I'll need for the tube shock conversion.

Sorry, got carried away trying to figure out how the boards message width works.

To go with 16 inch wheels on a TR6, you will probably have to get three piece ones. At one time Enki made a 16 incher that would fit, but in the world of rice burners, the offsets have changed. I tried to get a quote form a company in england on a set of three piece wheels, but I have not gotten anything back.


I do not agree with chuck,

I believe that when TR6 were built they were rolling on 165x15 or 185x15 with a ratio aspect neat 78. The stress is from two aspect: wider the tread....
and secondly the ratio, the original high ratio tire was absorbing a lot of strees from the road, lowering the ratio will mean stiffer sidewall and it is more than 20 years old suspension that will get it.

Pansport now makes a 16" wheel for the TR6. Won't add to the speculation about wheel/tire height. The 16" Panasport also elimanates the clearance problem that 6-7" wide 15" had. K-Speed (no financial interest)had the best pricing. I support the reasoning that the 25 year old suspension should be repaired/maintained/upgraded before further tire or wheel upgrades stress the system further.

'74 TR6 (The Tramp, as my wife refers to her)
Charlie Gates;

This thread was discussed between 15/11/1999 and 30/12/1999

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