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Triumph TR6 - Where do you keep your left foot??

Hi there! I'm quite new to this forum and I have owned my '6 for only a couple of months now, se bear with me...

I quess I will be posting a lot of stupid questions here in the future, and I'll start off with what might be a real winner:

Where do you guys keep your left foot while driving?? Keeping it above the clutch pedal without toutching it isn't very cofortable, and I understand that resting your foot on the pedal is not recommended. The only place available onm the side of the pedal is occupied by the dip-switch, and if I rest my foot on the floor in front of the pedal my knee is right at the door realese handle, and I certanly do not want to accidentally opne the door with my knee....!!

So: How do you solve this problem? I hope I'm not the only one with this problem - after all, I'm a quite average sized preson. But the again, maybe the average TR driver isn't an average sized person??


I either keep my leg folded up with my knee on the door or I extend my leg fully to the left and underneath the pedal. I switch back and forth. I wish it had a foot rest or 'dead' pedal. I keep looking for one when I drive the TR6 because my Z28 has one.
D J Guess

Mat--Welcome, and thanks for the excellent question. I simply removed the dip switch/dead pedal and took off the dip switch. That switch is now nestled in the carpet at the firewall and I now can fully stretch my leg. A great solution that retains dip switch functionality. On the '72, the column mounted light switch also has a pull "flash to pass" feature that I use more frequently than the dip switch.

Soon I'll be looking at adjusting the accelerator pedal/linkage to bring the pedal closer to the floor.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I keep my left foot on the goose or it flies out of the car.

JL Bryan

Heats getting to you John! Delve into that air option

Bill Brayford

Somebody had to say it! On the end of my left leg!

Good idea Rick,

I also have a 72, with the column mounted switch. Think I'll replace the dip switch too.
Now I rest my left foot on the dip switch, works, but not very comfi. Also thought of making a kind of a pedal on de dipswitch for more foot rest room. Then the dip switch stays in place en the left foot rests easier, with more room.

Eric de Lange

Bill, I had a Jensen Healey some years ago, with an add on AC. It ran way too hot to use the AC except at cruising speeds. I think I'll just ignor the heat.

JL Bryan

WOW..It always amazes me the info a person can learn on this board...I have had my TR for 4 years now (rebuilt most every part my self) and never knew there was a "Flash to Pass" on the dimmer switch..May be I should actually get out my owners manual and read it Peter B.
Peter Becker

WAIT a minute!

JOHN has the Goose? What's that thing in my garage then?

Hey Mat, join up or the goose moves in!

Jim Deatsch

Jim, the damn thing sits on the floorboard and honks all night long. If you don't keep your left foot on it, it flies up out of the car. I can't figure out how to deal with it.

JL Bryan

HEAT Jim its the heat? Poor fellows delirious. Canada Geese with cool breese passing under there wings.

Way to friggin cool here?

"Chill Bill"
(Pun Intended)

Bill Brayford

John, two words...

Cracked Corn.

Jim Deatsch

Did somebody step on a duck?
D Hasara

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