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Triumph TR6 - Which is my VIN #? (new owner)

I just received a 1973 TR6. I don't have a manual yet or the title. I have two numbers on the engine compartment firewall. The top number reads:

T 5184 CF

The bottom # reads:

5191 CF

I'm assuming the top number of T 5184 CF is the vehicle identification number. Am I correct?

Hi Don
No the # is on the drivers side on post back of door when open. For 73 should read CF1xxxx.

Bill Brayford

The numbers you describe, are the body number and body in primer number from the factory.


Thanks. I finally thought of looking inside the door frame last night and came across it. Thanks for letting me know what those other two mysterious numbers were.


Hey Don,

welcome to the madness. Join up, it's painless.

Watch out for the goose.

Jim Deatsch

Don, what kind of condition is it in? Somewhere on this board is a screen saver Jim and another member did which shows a lot of the cars owned by us. It is really nice. Welcome to the group! My advice on seeking advice here is to be aware that I personally can answer virtually no questions, but some of these guys know almost everything about our cars.

Good luck, John
JL Bryan

I quote:

"Somewhere on this board is a screen saver Jim and another member did which shows a lot of the cars owned by us."

Really? Where? I'd love to see it.

Don, (case is important) Hopefully you'll like it.

Jim Deatsch

Thanks JL.

You can tell I don't know anything about these cars since I couldn't even find the vin number. This car sort of fell in my lap.

Overall, the car is in pretty good condition. It drives!! The original paint code was for Emerald. It looks like it was repainted a deep blue at some point. The paint is oxidized and bubbling and flaking in some places. Most of the rubber needs to be replaced in and around the cockpit. The exhaust manifold is cracked and has a small hole in one of the runners. A used manifold was in the trunk but I don't know if it fits my 73 or not.

I'll be spending this weekend working on the electrical. The headlights, dashlights and windshield wipers work but the blinkers, heater blower and horn do not.

Another question. My Tach is out. What is the max indicated speed I can safely drive on the highway without going over redline, assuming I'm all stock with no overdrive? I know there is a way to figure it by drive ratios, tire size etc but that makes my head hurt. :)
D J Guess

Hi Don

Don't know if you have this page Dan Masters the guru of TR wiring and a member here has posted go to the bottom and click on tr6 wiring. printed legal there perfect. There is one specifically for the 73. You either want all or just yours plus the last page with the symbols. He also has a full book for about $30 bucks which is excellent.

TR gearing is pretty good for road. With that crack in manifold you will know when to change and Smokey will spot you before you redline in high...:)


Bill Brayford

Thank you for the link. I'm printing it out now.

I got my Haynes manual just before the weekend so that helped me out. I managed to track down various shorts and got both brake lights, parking lights, marker lights, and blinkers working.

The heater blower works intermittantly and horn is still not working. Those are goods projects to do after work.
D J Guess

I'm looking at buying a '73 with a VIN of CF6802U - what does that mean that it starts with a 6 vs. a 1...? Anything else you can tell by that VIN?

Thanks - first TR6 purchase...!!


In 1973 (actually Sept. of 72) Triumph started the CF numbers at one. Mine is a 73 as well, and my number is CF63U, which means it was the 63rd one built in September of 72. So the one your looking at is the 6,802 one built in the 73 production year.

Doug Campbell

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