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Triumph TR6 - Why a Wind screen...

Hey folks,
For thise of you who enjoy the top down but you wear a hair piece you might want a wind screen on your TR6.

Check it out...

Dammm - now I know where mine hair at a time.....


Roger H

has anyone out there tried one of those wind blockers that mount behind the seats, i know they work on modern cars and was thinking on longer trips it might be a welcome addition...if it works?

Bob Craske


A friend made one for his MGB and another bought one for his Miata. Both say the results are excellent.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

I bought a windblocker for my TR6 from the Little British Car Company. Here's the link:

I think this is the same one sold by Moss, but at a cheaper price.

The windblocker and hardware are of very high quality and are very well made. It really works in that it reduces the back of the head wind pressure. With both windows up, cockpit turbulence is dramatically reduced. I highly recommend it.

The only drawback is that you have to remove it (by removing two socket head cap screws) before you can put the top up. A minor inconvenience in my mind for the top down benefits.

I haven't had the chance yet to use the windblocker on a long trip, but I think it's already worthwhile.


Hi Bob,
I made my own and it works helps to minimise the wife from complaining about "hat head"..!!

Charlie B.

The material I recommend is Lexon. It is most durable then acrylic or plexi. It is the same stuff they use behind the goalie in hockey arenas. Strong stuff but be ready to open your wallet. And doing it your self should be the best route.

Lets all keep our hair (for those who have)looking good.....

"Why a Wind screen..."
If you're trying to prevent your hair piece from flying around, forget it! It only helps a little. Just shave your head and put suntan lotion on.
a couple benefits I expierienced on long trips is that:
1)I don't feel as tired from the wind beatin' down on
2)In traffic, less exhaust fumes blows into the
cockpit decreasing exhaust smell on your clothes.

Unless you enjoy the ode' Exhaust Perfume and being tired, I'd recommed getting one.
Ok, got to go fix my fuel leak. aah yes... I'll be wearing my ode' fuel perfume. It's pretty strong stuff. It stays with you all day. Even after I take a shower.


do you have a drawing of your contraption?

Bob Craske

No drawings but I'll post some pix and let you know when they are up

Charlie B.

Bob C
I you got CDII then there are pics of Charlie's Wind blocker on it. His older version and the newer one that allowed top up and down without removing his wind blocker.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I only have cd 1...

Bob Craske

You have mail
Charlie B.

Charlie, why don't you put up some pics of your invention on your website?, (assuming you now have a patent pending).
Pete Russell

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