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Triumph TR6 - Why does my igniton light pulsate?

74 1/2 TR6 , GM alternator.
This is something I only notice while driving at
night. Between 0 and 2500 RPM the ignition light is solid to shimering, 2500 to 5000 RPM the ignition light pulsates bright and dim about twice a second.
The faster the RPM the faster the pulsating.
Sounds at first like the alternator but it is new
with only 4 thousand miles on it.
Any suggestions?
Christopher Trace

Hi Chris

Ignition light should only be on when you first turn the key. Once the car starts and the battery and alternator volts are equal light should go out?

I know with yours you have some major mods to say the least so not sure whats in circuit etc. By the description you might want to look at the fuel pump if alternator OK? Alternator/coil/fuel pump are really the only items on the car that should be affected by engine RPM. Could be a slipping fan belt?

Don't rule out the alternator. Went through a couple on the Buick before I got one that stayed. Take it in were you bought it and there tester will read if you have a problem. All are pretty much guaranteed 5 years now.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed on 12/09/2003

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