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Triumph TR6 - Why this access plate...??

Minor, minor question...All, particularly you '71 owners (and we know that there are more 71's on the BBS than any other model year), I have an access plate riveted into the bottom of my boot floor which other 71's do not appear to have (at least Rick Crawford does not in his). The hole is about 3" in diameter and is located just forward of the rear wall and on a center line with the lock and the spare tire hold down in the boot floor. The floor pan has a molded recess for the plate which appears to be different metal than the body and rather than screwed into the opening is riveted on either side, 180o apart. The puzzle is that it does not appear to serve any purpose. It only accesses under the boot floor pan aft of the cross over bar on the frame...there's really nothing there to access that you cannot get to more easily from underneath the car. Anyone else have this hole in their floor and does anyone have any idea what original purpose it was supposed to serve?
Doug Baker

I have the access plate on my car. Mine was manufactured on January 1971. Don't know what the plate is for. I wonder if it's just the early models that have it. I'll be watching this thread for responses.
Later Gator...

To access the fuel pump for the UK-spec PI models?

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

You may be correct, but I thought that the fuel pump lay along side the driver's side of the boot, near the fuel tank, not underneath the floor??
Doug Baker

I can say that it is not for the fuel pump. It, and the filter reside in the boot and at least on the early carb cars, the brackets are sitting there unused. This plate looks to be some useless hangover from the earlier cars, but the intended function is beyond me.

As for having that plate vs not having it, you are possibily looking at a when was the die replaced/when did we run out of that particular stamping situation. I have that plate and from the postings, late 1971s did not. Looks like time for production survey of 1971s by chassis number to try and establish a break point if any one feels like chasing it.

It may be easier than that. Mine was manufactured in June 71 and I have the hole and plate. Rick Crawford's 71 was produced within a couple hundred cars of mine and does not have it. Rick is that correct?
Doug Baker

Don't know what it is, but it's nowhere near any of the PI components on a UK car.
R. Algie

I give you permission to give me 1000 lashes with a wet noodle.

I just went out to see if I have this mystery plate. Well....I also have it. DOOH!

OUCH..... OUCH.... that hurts!
My production date is May '71. I did my restore back in 2001.... you do not expect me to remember everything? Besides, my spare tyre hides it:) and I have not been in that dungen for several years. I guess I never really gave it any thought. Sorry about that Doug. I should have gone out and looked when you first asked me.

Purpose... ???? The only thing I can think of was it used as a mounting point for a caravan hitch?...a very small caravan:)
I think Steve has it. At engineering time, their might have been a usefull purpose then dicovered not neede but the die was already cast so a plate is installed not a rubber hole plug as in the floor panels. I also have a smaller rubber pluged hole at the front of the spare tyre compartment... I think drainage.

So does every year have this plate? Any of you '76ers out you have this plate?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 03/10/2005 and 06/10/2005

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