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Triumph TR6 - Winding out 3rd

Ok drivers, I curious how high you take 3rd gear(non-overdrive) in a TR6 before shifting into 4th. I had read that 4-4500 rpms is a good range to take it before shifting into 4th. Any comments, expierence? Thanks

I often wind mine out on the highway ramp to 4500 and
that gets me about 100k or 60 MPH and then slide it into problem at all

(I've taken it to 5000 a couple of times just to see's great !!!)

Charlie Ballard

Dan Masters

Thanks, I am just a little leary or taking 3rd up to 50 to 60 mph. Afraid something might blow. Always shifted my Toyota and Ford at 45mph. I gues the TR6 is meant to wind out further.

I have not actually tried this since I am also scared that something is going to break, but theoreticaly can't we take our cars up to the redline before shifting?
Ignatius Rigor

Of course it depends on how you're pressing things and engine condition. 4500 rpm is no problem here, and since the carbs work better at high revs I can easily push it to 5500 if needed with no issues. I try and obey the red line....

If the engine is in less than great shape it'll probably put out some smoke if you wind it out. Before the rebuild that usually limited my revs due to the "embarassment factor".

Brent B

Revs, red line ?
I thought everyone shifted by sound.
Christopher Trace

Haha your right Chris that's how I drive mine all the time...BRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM shift !!
Charlie Ballard

Hi All,
The TR6 particularly the rubber bumper variety with low comp engines are infamous for head carbonization which destroys everything, like valves, guides and seats, pistons literally grow taller with carbon, exhaust ports narrow with the carbon. So let her rev. Run her up to 5200 on a grade, make it work. Keep that head clean and it will run so much better. Besides I think max torque is generated about 5200 or there abouts. BTW it sounds great!
Drive til Ya Drop! Brian
B.R. Horne

This thread was discussed between 28/09/2004 and 06/10/2004

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