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Ok Guys,
This will not apply to our lucky friends that are not burdened with cold wet more cold winters....

What's on the agenda to repair / replace this winter when our TR's are put away ??
I plan to pull apart my front suspension and re-grease the poly bushings (I put in 4 years ago) because they creeeeakkkkkk..also trace and fix a intermittent wire that causes my stereo to go off and my wiper park mode to stop at least once a's ok when I turn off the car and start it again ?? this will be a good one ! And to finish off..check for a squeak in a u-joint and that's it !
( I hope ! )

Charlie B.

Heck Charlie...toooo early to be talking about this. Still got to put on a few more miles.

Rick Crawford

Charlie... I agree Rick. It's early but it's reality around the corner. Just had another super vroom up hwy 11 to Muskoka so maybe after Thanksgiving:

I've got rear suspension parts coming and hope to do new springs, poly bushes, & re-built lever shocks. I'll also remove my overriders (I have a 76) and clean them & the nuts & bolts, etc. I will also replace the rubber steering rack mounts, re & re the rear bumber followed with detailing, etc. Then (this will annoy y'all) I'll take off in January for the FL sunshine & beaches until April and bring back new redlines from Diamondback Classics.

Oh yeah... If there's any spare time I'll ask people stuff like "What's this wire for?" and route it to the right place. Plus, I have no horn, no speedo, no odometer, no trunk kit/light and the starter relay is not hooked up due to a problem somewhere that causes heat & battery drain. Should be fun. Wish we all lived on the same street.

Ken Shaddock

On the 6:
Fuel tank cleaned sealed and powder coated and return line installed. Run fuel lines up to carbs
Put gas in it and start it.
Install new carpet

On the Wedge:
New cam and lifters.
Tweak the computer to lean it out a little and tweak cold start
Install new carpet in it too.
Bleed brakes and maybe install alloy hubs

My rad started leaking a while ago, so I have to do that. Also, I'm going to send the distributor out for a rebiuld and the 3 carbs also. Maybe the gas tank to.
Oh, and try to recalabrate the speedo.

rw loftus

Yea sorry guys...there is still some nice driving days ahead...I enjoy top down with fall colours driving !
Charlie B.

I'm thinking new shocks in front, and new poly bushings. But best of all, I will be putting on new tires befors next years driving season. I'm thinking red lines right now.
Pete Russell

My plans are easy, first fly to Ontario and buy the winning 649 ticket, I understand that a 28 year old won the $35M last week and bought himself a Corvette. Anyway after collecting the money then its off to the UK and Rimmers to buy everything you need to build a NEW LHD TR6 with all the upgrades, send the whole lot over in a containter and start to put it together.

Back to reality.

1. I have to chemically strip the Hood and Trunk (so lets hear about the water pressure soda blaster is there a link?).

2. Replace the floors and sills, repair the inner of the rear valance. Weld a couple of holes.

3. Cylinder head rebuild will be finished next week, I have thought about using the Payen gaskets..any comments?

4. Wiring checks will be finished by end of October, some minor work required.

5. Body on frame in January hopefully

6. Feb - Mar install electrical, heater system, dash, instrumnets. finish off the engine bay, brake connections.

Thats enough to get on with in an unheated garage, but I have bought a heater that connects on a 20lb propane tank.

lw gilholme

Hey Les... tell me you won't have any infammable fumes near that heater!!!

Gosh I too wish I had a heated garage. The safest one I found was by Orbus (Orbis?) also run by propane. Apparently I could fill the air with sawdust in my shop and not worry about a flash.

Ken Shaddock

Ken- This is what i have . It's radiant heat


Nice garage Don! Wish I had one like that. Here's what I restored mine in. Terrible for actually working in..especially in the winter. I used a kerosene torpedo heater and since the garage is so drafty I could only heat it up small areas. My upper body would be sweating while my lower was frozen. Got it done though.

HP Henry Patterson

My primary task for the winter is to get the garage addition finished so my ever-tolerant wife can get her VW inside with my TR6, Volvo PV544, and MGA.

The "6" needs a little carb work; I put a pair of SUs on it last year, and still haven't got them sorted to my satisfaction. The rear suspension will probably have to wait another year for new bushings.

The MGA is in line for body and paint work after getting a new engine and brakes last year. The 544 will probably get ignored again this year.

And next week, I'm flying to Oregon to pick up my "new" TR8.

k v morton

I'am having the Garage door rail
raised 3ft, having decided
if i will install the lift myself.
M Macdonald

OK...OK...I have stuff to do also.

BUT I got out for a nice little run today and broke 2000 Miles. Not great but considering our summer, noy too bad.

Will put a few more miles over the next few days....suppose to be good weather.

In sure is not time to put her to bed yet.

Rick Crawford

A bit of a surprise when I got off work today and walked out to my truck (TR-uck?) to go home.....about an inch and a half of snow! The club has it's last drive of the year on the calendar tomorrow, and yes, the TR6 will go, regardless. I almost took it to work this morning to clean it up. :)

No Don, my winter project is NOT snow tires.....
Rod Nichols

I heard Billings got snow, you too,eh?

This weekend is Canada's thanksgiving weekend. Sat. was great and today it is suppose to go up to 24C and 25C Mon. with both days a clear sky. I hope my Canadian friends are getting some driving time in.

Rick Crawford

Winter plans.... I do have to winterize the car soon. Not today though. It's going to hit 80 deg. so out for a ride today.

Speaking of winterizing. I have to find some ZDDP additive for my oil change. Rick C. If you're looking in I know you did a study of the products claiming to have ZDDP. STP Oil Additive claims to have it but doesn't say how much. The good thing it's easy to find but I don't know if it's enough. What's the name of the GM stuff? EOS? If I have to go to the dealer that's not too convienient. Maybe I can get it on line.


HP Henry Patterson

Although the day was partly cloudy, cold and very windy, we had about 15 cars drive out for breakfast and a side trip afterwards to Ontario, Oregon and the local airport using airport transfers tonbridge. Tops up. On a side note, I always liked the twim exhaust pipes of the TR6....and I found something on the drive that's got real nice tailpipes! It turned out to be a great time, despite the crappy weather....glad that a few others had weather that would accommadate top down driving.

Rod Nichols

GEEES Rod, your TR could almost fit in those pipes. Got some more driving in down and will get out tomorrow for a while.
Henry, you got it. EOS from any GM dealer. Do not use full strength. I think it is 5oz per oil change. Some one help me out with my CRS.

Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick,

It was my CRS that got me the point of needing to ask the question. I was in on some of those original ZDDP threads and it seems like a distant fog right now.. I could have searched for it but ya know?.. I'm too lazy for that and it's just plain no fun.

I'll look for the EOS and forget about the STP stuff.

HP Henry Patterson

Hi Rick... not sure if you know this area but take HWY 11 to 118, over to 35, north on 35 to Dorset for lunch, and then around Lake of Bays to Fairy Lake into Huntsville. Then south on 11 back home. Colours were at 100%... a fantastic show with top down!

Thanksgiving dinner today... I need some Tums.


Ken Shaddock

Very nice lookin Ken. Not really familiar wth that road but know you are up in God's country. The colours where obviously perfect.

Henry as I recall, STP does not contain ZDDP at all.
Rick Crawford

Henry- Why add the stuff, just use an oil with it in it.

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