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Triumph TR6 - Winter projects

I spent my first morning shovelling snow yesterday, so I guess it is time to admit that winter is here. I know that most of you chaps are in Canada, so it has probably been snowing since August...

So, just to be nosy, what's everyone up to this winter? Anyone got any exciting projects lined up?

I finally decided that I don't fancy lying on my back changing bearings nearly as much as I fancy taking an engine apart, so I bought an engine crane and stand the other day and I plan to take it all apart, clean it, replace seals, bearings etc. and paint it to make it pretty. I reckon a nice coat of engine paint will give me an extra 5-6hp, at least in my mind! I am going to an electric fan "while I am at it".

A Hewitt

I added a 1963 Herald to my stable. Looks as if it will provide me with a whole lot of winter projects. I was going to have the TR6 resprayed this winter but I am going to put it off for a year. If I wasn't able to do my own work I don't think I could afford one of these much less two. I like to think of them as therapy.
Mike Crane '71 TR6, '63 Herald 1200
WM Crane

Finish the 6,and, redo the suspension and brakes plus change to 15" wheels on the 8

Hey Mike Crane!!!!!!
How the heck are ya???
I have a 70 TR6 block and head you could build up to drop in that Herald. Bet you could catch some of the MG drivers off guard....

Meantime.....I'm tearing down all the rear suspension to 'tighten some things up?!?!'

Rod Nichols

I just rechromed my gas cap.

I might upgrade the wheels as I still have the original rims and in 69 the standard was hubcaps which is also what I have.

My wife and I have tickets to the Rose Bowl parade , so we are flying into Las Vagas, driving to LA and back just after Christmas. That should put a real dent in the budget.

After that who knows.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael Petryschuk

Mike- Did you ever answer my question about where you bought that bad boy?

to W.M. Crane:

I have a bunch of Herald parts, that I have absolutely no use for, they came with a bunch of parts that were marginally more useful. If you need stuff, lemme know and I will hunt through them.

Al Christopher
A R Christopher

First on the list is to finish out the new garage (some may recall my tale of woe of our being thrown out of yet another shop where the land was sold off for redevelopment, so I pulled the trigger and will have one in my back yard now).

After that it is time for some interior and electrical work on the TR6 before getting back on the Spitfire.

Steve Pike

What the red band around it?

Winter? What's that? The budget is spent until bonus time next Spring so I just plan to drive the "6" at any opportunity...calling for temp's in the 70's this weekend!

'73 TR6
Mike Calhoun


The red band is just part of the "finishing out" effort. The lower part of the wall is concrete with the same gray epoxy as on the floor for ease of clean up. The red band is 1 x 4 used as moulding. At the bottom edge of the 1 x 4, some quarter round in yellow will be added. The little white spots you see are where the fastener holes were filled in prior to another coat of paint.

Let's see red and yellow Triumphs, red and yellow lift, yea, red and yellow trim is a natural. Same theme will be carried to the upstairs and bathroom with gray flooring along with red and yellow trim.

This is the main reason I haven't hit a lick on any of my cars in a while.
Steve Pike

I bought the herald from a fellow in Southern Cal.If I were computer literate I'd post a photo. Al, I am specifically looking for some Smith's heater parts and the stays for the trunk lid. We are suppose to have somr sun this weekend after the recent monsoon here in the Northwest. Hopefully I'll get to exercise the six.
Mike Crane
WM Crane

Hi Mike
How are you doin' lad?
Hey a Herald for the stable! Nw youy can drive slow and fast.
baby is away for the winter but I still see her several times a week.
Rick Crawford

To WM Crane:

I don't have heater parts or trunk lid stays, (unless thay look a lot like exhaust parts or tail light lenses), but I do have some stuff.

Al Christopher
A R Christopher

Winter projects? Although I live in the depths of the great white north in Calgary Alberta we do experience the phenomenon of the Chinook which can change the temperature (i.e. warm up) very rapidly. This has the effect of getting rid of snow on the roads, so as long as the roads are dry and there's no salt or snow my "project" will be to get out for a drive at least once a month to keep the cobwebs out of the car. Isn't that what the marvelous TR6 heater is for? Oh, and longjohns and a toque certainly don't hurt either ...

Until Spring then.
Dave More

Hello Everyone
My project involves clearing out the garage
and tnen convinceing myself that if i install a
4 post lift it will pay for it's self in ten years.
( $ 250.00 a yearX 10 )
M Macdonald

I forgot to mention that it cost me
250 a season to store the TR6

M Macdonald

My project is to finish the inside of the new garage but Sunday I finished clearing up enough to get the TR in there. Considering we had a snowstorm a week ago and it was -4C, the roads were completely dry so I took the TR out of my buddy's garage where it has lived since 2004. Figured what the heck, let's have a little spin so I took a drive, stopped to top off the tank, picked up some "anti-freeze" for me to celebrate and took her home to her own brand-new digs for the Winter. Pulling up the driveway to my own garage was the best drive I had all year! # 1 Daughter was on hand with camera to capture the great moment - Dad and baby coming home! After a few drams of anti-freeze for me and the TR I tucked her in for the season. Oh yeah, I still have that new engine to finish rebuilding - kind of got put on hold with the garage project. Steve - that's a noble garage you've got - great job!

Cheers and a very Merry Christmas to All,
1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

Hi Folks

My winter project is the rebuilding off the front suspension. I thought it would be the chance to replace the bushings and seals.

All seemed simple until it came to replacing the seal on the trunnions, When I seperated the trunnion from the vertical link what a shock, the threads were totally corroded (see pictures). I have obtained a pair of vertical links complete with trunnions from at a very reasonable $90 for the two (see pictures).

Just beaware that although everything seems to be OK, just go the next step and be sure.

happy Holidays, it is forcasted to be +10 C on Monday so I might be in the garage.


lw gilholme

Hi folks

Pictures 2 & 3

I dont seem to be able to upload more than one picture at a time.


lw gilholme

Hi Folks

Last picture

Happy Hols


lw gilholme

WOW! They are toast!
You got me thinking about pumping a little oil into them this winter.
Oh Ya, yes you can only upload one pic at a time. You need to put multi pics together in one file.jpg.

Merry Christmas to all
Rick Crawford


My winter project. Well I pulled out my TR6 from a storage in an hayloft few weeks ago just prior a big snow storm. Now I will solve an engine problem and prepare dody for a paint job. The color will be French Blue with a navy convertible top.
Best Wishes to you all!


J. G. Catford

Last Labour Day weekend I blew the diff in my '72. Called RG to get a Nissan diff, installed his diff mounts as per his recomendation. Thought I might as well do the rear suspention while I had everthing apart. Well, can't do the rear without doing the front, right? So I did that, including one new vertical link, two new trunions, SS steal brake lines all around and a few other details. Finally I found a Supra Tranny! So I'll be doing that this winter as well. Called HVDA last Sat., he said that bell housing's were about two weeks from delivery. Just as well, my plastic is taking a real beating this year.

Merry Christmas to all!

rw loftus

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