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Triumph TR6 - Winter thunkin

Spending some quality time thunkin up things to do
to my 70 TR6 when it warms up a little here in IL.
looking for some opinions on the mityvac system:
anyone have some experience with this? the package with the guage that beside brakes can test vacuum lines.
Also thoughts/experience with decal packages, thinking of trying dark blue shelby ralley stripes on a white hood.
For those of you with ZS carbs, just got mine back from complete rebuild $275 from a guy in OH, simply stunning work.
Those of you in IL, note Brit car swap meet Feb 23rd
info can be found
Other than that any good experience with a quality,
good prices online tool shop?
Been looking into possibly obtaining a stainless steel hardware kit. Found a pretty comprehensive list on the buckeye site. Anyone have experience with Fastenal company?
Ian Kinaid

Ian- check the archives on this subject. Alot of mention in the past
Don K

Regarding the mityvac - you'll find this to be an invaluable tool - from checking for the action of the distributer diaphram to bleeding the brakes. The $45 or so spent on one is cheap - pays for itself the first time you use it. Plus, it's a tool you can use on other vehicles as well.

Another tool I find indispensable, is the cylinder leak down tester (also about $45). This thing is great if you are looking at a vehicle to purchase, because it gives you a lot more information than just a compression gauge. It will even point to the source of wear (i.e. a bad exhaust valve versus a bad intake valve versus worn rings). Can be very useful to negotiate the price of the vehicle.

This thread was discussed between 24/01/2003 and 24/02/2003

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