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Triumph TR6 - Wiring Diagram

Gang- Can't remember if I have seen a site with the wiring diagrams for our LBC. Can anyone give me a site?
Don K.

If there is one out there then it has slipped by me. Simple ones for say the wiper ya, seen that. If one is found by someone, please supply address.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If you mean the wiring "color code" information: card

If you mean a source of wiring harnesses:

No what I would like is a diagram I can print out and not have to drag the book out and around.
Don K.

I have found that stuff I want to keep should not go out to the garage. For if it does it will somehow manage to find some grease or something. Take the book to a hard on the spine of book and maybe u will get a half descent copy.
Don if u have access to fax, e-mail me off-line and will send a not to bad version of wiring schematic. State year of 6 please.
Rick Crawford

Rick C.-
Thanks for the info .Upgrading the alt. and installing a starter relay to power another fuse panel for an electric fan and an electric fuel pump.
Don K

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