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Triumph TR6 - Work Shop Manual

What does the Haynes TR6 Work Shop Manual offer over the Bentley or BL manual? Is the Haynes worth $29.00? Much of the Bentley manual assumes a great deal of knowledge. Instructions include remove and...w/o explanation of how to remove etc. For those of you who have the Haynes Manual, is it any better?
Doug Baker

I used both when I rebuilt my engine but found the Bently manual to be better. I would sometimes refer to the Haynes just to see if it said the same things as the Bently but that's about it. The Haynes seems to leave some detail out on some things. But I still think it was good to have both but not necessary

On the other hand. Someone I think at this site some time ago said he had rebuilt his engine with just the Haynes manual.

HP Henry Patterson

If you can find/acquire a Haynes manual...Buy IT! It has been out of publication for many many years.
As far as the Bently/BL manual is concerned (yes, singular), it assumes you are above shade tree mechanic.
As you know Doug, you already have a copy of the BL manual....which I paid $90 for back in '98.
Can not comment on the Haynes as I do not own one.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick- the Haynes manual is back in print now and can be bought all over.

Got the Haynes Manual tonight from TRF. A quick review suggests that it's both more and less detailed than the BL Manual. While the BL Manual presumes a basic mechanic knowledge, the Haynes gives very detailed instruction for those tasks described. It just does not describe as many tasks as the BL. Good purchase though...$29.00 on sale at TRF through 5 Sep! Sorry, sales's off. It's now $39.00.
Doug Baker

Just because we live in igloos up here does not mean you guys down south should not inform us about important things:)

OK so who is going to scan the Haynes for the CD?
OOPPS can not suggest that now since back in print:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

The Haynes is fine for little everyday jobs and for cross-referencing . I have just finished a frame off rebuild on my 1970 PI . The official BL manual is the one to have although for the fuel injection there are other more in-depth books from Lucas . I keep a well worn Haynes in the boot for those little emergencies and keep a good one plus all my other manuals in the garage .
s marshall

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