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Triumph TR6 - Would you buy this poster

I'v been trying to figure a way to finance some more parts for the TR6 and came up with the idea of producing and marketing a poster. I thought the group feedback would be a good indicator if something like this would sell. Here goes...

The original BL marketing dept. produced a poster with the TR6 surrounded by a few good looking young girls. The title reads "One Good Triumph Deserves another."

I thought I'd hire some older but great looking and well built women - sometimes referred to as "cougars" - and put them around the six with a famous backdrop like Lake Louise or somthing. The Title would read "One Good Triumph Deserves a Mother."

Think it would sell?

John Parfitt

Um, John?... I think the cold may have finally gotten to you. What is it -25 where you are? I'd stick with the younger women. You'd probably get more sales that way. Most beer commercials sell with mid 20s women.

My $0.02.

Don from Jersey
(you got a *#&! problem with that?)
D Hasara

Guys, remember that at our age most women are younger women.
A. J. Koschinsky

I was at my remote office today and commented that one of the ladys I work with is a 'sweet young thing'.

She just turned 50.

Smiles, she is too.

Jim Deatsch

Keeping with original theme why not this?


Now get Cher,Jamie Lee Curtis, types.

Or my buddy Breda. Belgian long blonde hair, loves being a Cougah. Her nickname is actually CUDA. The Barra part we dropped years back. Bought a Harley for her 60th retirement birthday sold it at 63. Normal drives a red HO Mustang. Now 65 she still head's for Bike week every year on the back of a boyfriend's Harley. Average boyfriend age 38. Doctor tells her it's good Genes.
And her slim well tuned rear suspension in a tight pair attests to that.

See your only 44 there boy..:)
But even a young rooster knows an old hens the best layer in the henhouse? Were yah been?

Come up with something like that and I'll buy it. Hell a calendar would be better with various TR car models.

Remember my 1% royalty. For every $2 you get send me $1.

Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 22/11/2003 and 25/11/2003

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