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Triumph TR6 - Wow - This site is dying

This was a very vigorish site 8 years ago. Times have changed - too bad. Remember Jim and his goose? Take care all.
Brent B

Loved the goose. And there was Bill and his stories, and plenty of banter that kept us interested. I don't think that there are fewer TR6's these days. I wonder where the owners hang out?

It might be that as spring approaches our thoughts will once again turn to all things Triumph. I hosted a scotch tasting this past weekend for members of our British car club (in the garage, of course) and the TR seemed to enjoy the attention. Unfortunately, minus 21 outside today means the car won't get used for what Coventry intended for at least another month.

A. J. Koschinsky

Pretty sure the "6Pack" and "BCF" have claim almost all the members
There are a token few who don't use other sites

I'm still here.
Kypros Christodoulides

Hi Guys....This is still MY SITE I don't belong to any other. I don't chat as much as the past but I read weekly...It's just that life get's in the way of our TR's !! hahaha

Charlie B.

"6Pack" is FULL of pompous, condescending "know it all" jack ass's for the most part.....NO THANKS
JT White

This has been the site where I have gotten the most help. I also lurk on British v8. I agree that once spring comes around we will see more activity. I just bought petronix ignition so I will go and install that. But for now most of my time is spent sitting in the car making vroom vroom noises. Yeah pretty pathetic I know.
A Vandergoot

I too have noticed the drop off of postings in the past few years.

Like Charlie, I visit weekly and don't use any other sites. I have gained a lot of information and insight from this site and have a lot of gratitude to the users who have shared their knowledge..

With a fully restored vehicle that I drive regularly in the summer, I find my participation to the site to be to offer my experience and advice where I can. As a new business owner, I also find my time and $$ consumed a lot by that with little time to be thinking about changes to the 6 and more time being spent keeping the business growing. And that time and $$ commitment has kept me from starting on my next project- a 1969 TR6 that I picked up as a parts car that I fully intend to rebuild. I think it is in a little better shape than the 69 I restored in 2002-2005 but not a whole lot. I dream of the day....

Have a great week.
Michael Petryschuk

I too am still here.
I figure I put my time in back 1998 to around 2007.. I still have this site on the opening page one of my internet portals. I visit it regularly and do see that #s of guys is down and postings are down. STILL the best of any LBC site. I did try others and felt like an "outsider" and only posted a few times. This site has always welcomed new comers with open arms and I know I have encouraged first name usage.

One of the best memories of this site was being able to meet some of the US members of this site Like Don K. and to others like Doug B. having many friendship or TR6 related e-mail and phone call conversations.
Then meeting and driving with pretty well all the Ontario members of this site. Yes I remember the goose and Bill. Went to Bills' garage one Sunday afternoon many moons ago and met him along with others including Charlie B. for the first time. Then there was Chris Trace and a number of car meets in his garage for a winter wably pop. And summer family drives around his home and at mine. Funny, the Picture posted with Michaels posts I took of him on a run up my my area. A picnic stop atop the Niagara Escarpment overlooking Meaford and Georgian Bay..I think it was a small electrical problem.
I do not think there are very many other sites that can boast Getting owners together and not just talking about our cars on the BBS. The memories and friendships are now as good as the times I posted lengthy posts....many probably too long.

My dreams now are of summers to come and putting on as many miles as I can. Not back and forth to work anymore but to just get out on say a Tuesday morning and let MYMSTRS take me where she wants to go........


Rick Crawford

Hi Rick

Yep that picture is the one you took. The car was in its second year and the alternator nut had come loose (the spindle nut that holds the pulley on) and the cooling vanes was flopping around making noise. A quick roadside repair and all was good. Definitely a memory of mine as well as the tour we took.
Michael Petryschuk

Rick- Think about you often.
Take care my friend

Well, I just joined so please don't let it die just yet! I get my TR6 in 4 more weeks and I'm gonna need a lot of advice, suggestions and help on getting it up to snuff!

Looking foward to hearing from you all.....

Jim C
jac clayton

Jim C. Welcome to the best TR6 site around.

Rick, good to see you posting. Safe travels my friend. Drive the wheels off her:-)
Doug Baker

Good to see some of the long time posters chiming in here. As for my posting frequency, yes it has dropped off, but then it's dropped off on other stuff too due to time constraints and that may be the case with several others as well. I still take a peek at the site daily and if I feel there is some value that I can toss into the mix will post, but otherwise just pretty much am in lurk mode.

Welcome.. No fear, you will get good advice here.

What condition is your new acquisition? Restorer, daily driver, or recent restoration?

Jim there is a few of us on this site that have created a CD then went to CDII but is up to DVD.1. I can snail mail you a copy. my email is my full name with no spaces then... ATrogersDOTcom We tend to hide our e-mail addresses around here due to "auto botts". We use AT(@) and DOT(.) to hide those characters.
If you wish, send me your snail mail address and I will send you a copy of the CD... The CD is a very comprehensive collection of pretty well any TR6 manual you want including electrical and a MOSS catalogue that shows part #s but not current pricing. It also has both Volumes of the TRF restoration "bibles". The other part of the CD (DVD) is just plain fun. Old TR6 adverts, a good collection of TR6 pics, and a good short movie.

So welcome again and shall I say welcome to the realm of The Prince of Darkness.


See... I can still do good long posts:)
Rick Crawford


DITTO my friend. Good memories in your expanded garage out west.
I fly down to FL. April 12th to drive my dad home. There is a possibility we will go through Charleston SC. Will keep you informed.. Would enjoy meeting up for a few wobbly pops.

Rick Crawford

Wouldn't miss it

Hi & thanks for the welcome...
I'm sorta taking a leap of faith with this car. I'm trading my jeep for a TR6 and a GT6 site unseen. Yeah, I know, everyone who just read that just face-palmed themselves...The TR6, as reported, needs a driver side floor pan, no other frame or body rust. There's no sag in the frame & the doors are true and solid. the car is very drive-able but needs a new paint job. Interior is decent, tires - unknown. Engine runs with 76k on it. My biggest concern was body & frame rust & I've been assured that both are fine.
The GT6 has been in a barn the last 20+ years, they had to cut down trees to remove it...The GT has 14500 original miles and is running and has terrific compression. Tires are bad...It has a new hood (Bonnet?) It needs a new passenger side floor pan and has rust on the top of the passenger side rocker panel. The GT6 comes with 3 windshield and a bunch of other parts. The plan (yeah, I know, man plans, God laughs) is to sell the GT & use any funds from that to help with the restoration of the TR. from what I've been told it won't take much (stop laughing!) to get the TR roadworthy. Once that's been done I'm going to have to decide how stock to keep it.
jac clayton

Jim was posting to your other thread and now read this. Yup 76K , she needs a rebuild. Keep in mind the GT6 has the same engine as in the TR6. Keep any overdrive if you got one.
Jim you definitely got yourself a project.

Rick Crawford

From Rick C:

...Keep in mind the GT6 has the same engine as in the TR6. ...

Same family, but definitely not the same engine. The TR-250/5/6 engine is a stroked version of the 2.0 L engine used in the Vitesse and GT6 to take it out to 2.5 L. Try putting a GT6 or Vitesse oil pan on a TR-6 motor and spinning it, it will go around part of the way and then clunk, a crankshaft counterweight will strik the pan. I have data on this, I thought I was grabbing a TR-6 pan out of the "junk pile" and got a GT6 one by mistake. Went to all the trouble to fabricate baffles and windage trays, welded them in and fitted it to the car only get that clunk of counterweight against pan. I said things, bad things, son of this, mother that sorts of things...

Valve sizing is different although port spacing is the samer for the TR-250/early carb 6 motors as that of the GT6. All PI TR5/6 and later carb TR-6 have a somewhat improved inlet tract.

Cams vary too and something I've seen (too often in my opinion) is use of a "hot" cam in these cars that removes it from being "street friendly" while not making power until too high in the rev range. With this long stroke engine, piston speeds get real high, real quick. I'm a fan of limiting piston speeds to a reasonable level and things that you can get away with in other cars (even a GT6 due to the shorter stroke) are pushing it with a TR-6.


I too have had life get in the way of cars... particularly my TR6... and infrquently visit the site although I continue to recommend it as the BEST TR6 BBS to new owners including two recent converts at the school in which I work.

This past year we ran a metal mechanical co-op at the high school where I work and had a group of 20 sixteen and seventeen year olds restore two triumph Spitfires...1970 and 1973 models from the ground up. Every nut and bolt, every assembly. We also rebuilt the entire front suspension on a TR6, built an OD and swapped it into another TR6 while detailing the engine and engine bay. Replaced the rear springs, shocks and bushings on that car too. Rebuilt a performance engine and rear half shaft hubs in a Spitfire, and rebuilt the entire braking system in a Healey 3000. ... and did a pile of work onmodern domestic and foreign cars.

Pic can be seen at

My TR6 is still not on the road although I have completed a MGB LE and Spitfire in the meanwhile... and sold the MGB (there, I'm clear, and the Spit is way more fun than the MG! )

And now we are contemplating building a house... will the TR ever get onto the road?

Cheers to all, Rob
Rob Gibbs

GEES even at my age, you can still learn something. Thanks Steve. I thought it was the same engine.

Rick Crawford

Hey Rob

Great to see the high school kids getting the opportunity to work on real cars and having the cheap labour is handy too.
Michael Petryschuk

Hi Guys:
Site's a bit slow but I'm still working on the TR. You may like this pic taken by my buddy while reinstalling the brake servo. He was supposed to be holding it but somehow got to his phone. I call it "Gotta lay off the single malt". My buddy, who took the pic calls it TR69. Hope that doesn't offend anyone. :)

Bob Evans

Can't lay that way
The whole world is upside down and I can't remember which way to turn screws

The boys are working at the school on the cars tonight til about midnight ... we get the burgers on the BBQ @ 6:00 and give them a list of stuff to work on and away they go! Sometimes we even make progress... ;o) A few parents show up too and help out at this point....wanna join the fun?
Rob Gibbs

Hey Bob

I've been in that position too many times to count.


Would love to join the fun if it wasn't a 3000 mile trip to get there.
Michael Petryschuk

Know exactly what you mean Don. Me too on being disoriented while upside down. However, the hardest part is getting out from under the steering wheel when I'm done. Artificial knee, bum neck, arthritis - Jeez, sure is fun gettin' old and it sure is fun having a TR6 to play with.
Cheers all,

P.S. Mike: I think it's only about 2200 miles for you to get to my place. Nothin' you can't do in a day and a half in a TR6. I could use a hand with the cam timing so come on down :)
Bob Evans

No problem Bob but it is the 8 or 12 hour ferry trip that is the killer. Someday though.
Michael Petryschuk

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